Saturday, September 17, 2016

Dollie And Me Doll On Clearance At Shopko!

Hi Doll Friends!!

I found this cutie on clearance at Shopko for only $15.99 and so naturally I brought her home...

I've thought about buying one of their dolls for a while now but the regular price of $39.99 made it tough because there are so many great dolls in that price range. But for $16.99, sign me up! She is so so cute!!

They seem to be closing out the line at Shopko because all the dolls were on clearance and the doll clothes were all gone...

I didn't realize it until I got her home but it appears that Dollie&Me must be made by Madame Alexander... Or at least her tag says "Alexander Toyworks"...? I plan to research them more. Interestingly enough it lists a website on the box and it appears you can even buy the dolls there. I tell you, just when I think I know about most 18inch doll brands, I find a new one!

Here is one side of box.

Back of box...

And other side of box.

Here are the fasteners holding her in. Super easy to get her out...!

She has such a pretty face!

Her beautiful hair is full and so so soft.

Here is the tag I told you about.

Sadly the dress she came in stained her legs a bit.. I honestly never considered this problem until I started collecting dolls on a larger scale but it happens more often than you might think. I love dolls and always just say "well, people have birthmarks and so why not dolls" Eh?

I changed her out of her dress immediately because while it is pretty, it "sheds" glitter worse than Tinkerbell!! Yikes! I don't mind glittery things but I don't want it all over my house. 

She looks so cute in her fresh outfit!! All ready for the upcoming doll tea party I am getting set up with the other items of furniture I got in mail from Frann yesterday!! They are so gorgeous. Can't wait to show you but it's time consuming putting together a proper tea party room. I better go work on it now! It's a labor of love, truly. ❤️

So... Till next time.

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  1. I cannot hide my smile when reading your new posting. How caring you are to dolls! She is adorable with birthmark. haha. Expecting tea party soon.