Thursday, September 15, 2016

Play Wonder Doll Goodwill Find!

Hi Doll Friends!

Look who I found at Goodwill for $1.99? She is a Play Wonder Doll by Madame Alexander. I love her! She looks Hawaiian to me and...

My first apartment was in Hawaii... My husband and I lived there for the first few years of our marriage because he was in Army. One of my friends there was named Jacxine and we are still friends to this day on Facebook.

So I was glad to find a Hawaiian looking doll because I can name her after Jacxine! 

Here is what she looked like when I found her... Well, she was actually naked but I found her the same day I found the vintage doll clothes and so I dressed her in one. 

She was in pretty good shape... All she needed was to be cleaned up (I used a Norwex enviro cloth) and have her hair untangled. It took me about an hour and half to get tangles out, working from top to bottom, a section at a time. 

What a fun find! Isn't she pretty?

Till next time!

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