Saturday, September 17, 2016

Fun Doll Accessory Finds At Nobbies and OTC!

Hi Doll Friends!

Doll sized play food... Whodathunk it would become the obsession of a woman in her 40s. But here we are. Haha. Kidding! Sort of... 

Once you start to find correctly scaled accessories for your dollies, you can get a bit cosumed by wanting "All the things in doll size!" Teeheehee. The cool (dangerous?) part is that manufacturers are on to us doll loving people and they make, well, all the things in doll size! However, they do tend to charge a small fortune for said doll sized items. Also, most accessories sets that include doll food only have two of each item, if that... When you have a house full of dolls like I do here at the doll house, two of each will never do!! So... What to do? Where to find inexpensively priced doll sized food?? 

Erasers! As you may recall from my finding dessert shaped erasers at Walmart (in party section) for my Sweet Shoppe, they are so perfect for doll food! 

However, I'd only ever seen the dessert shaped ones before... I don't know why it didn't occur to me to search for other food shaped erasers at the time but what can I say... It didn't occur to me. 

Until I went to Nobbies looking for fruit shaped erasers... I wanted the ones I've seen in past that are shaped like slices of lemon or lime. Nobbies is a store in Omaha that sells party favors and supplies and costumes and candy at Halloween. They are basically the store front, only one in world as far as I know, for OTC. Oriental Trading Company is based out of Omaha and it's so common to me that I've called them just OTC for years... So many of my friends have worked for them in the call center that they feel very familiar. Have you heard of them? Anyway... They make neat party supplies and scrap book paper and that manner of stuff. So... I thought surely they'd have the fruit erasers and so when I was in neighborhood a week ago, I stopped in.

I didn't find fruit erasers... But I did find some sushi ones!! How totally cool!! I cleaned them out of the sushi ones and even found a hedgehog shaped one perfect for my Lauren Southern doll! (She is who I named one of my JG dolls after and in real life has two hedgehogs as pets) Sweet!! They were only 50c each! Even better!

I also found a few other doll sized items... The "finger cymbals" are perfectly doll sized and the elastic handles will help them hold them well. They cost $3.99, a little expensive for my tastes but I went ahead and got them anyway.

Then there is the music maker (with little cymbals in it... Is there a name for that? It's like a handled hand held tambourine of sorts...) and the magnifying glass. They sell those sorts for only 10cents each in their party favors bins.

The last thing I found, which I think is as cute as a bug in a rug, is this little boxed cake!! So cute!! It has six fancy slices of cake and comes in the bakery box just like a real one. It was $3.99. Not too bad... I plan to use cute stickers to cover up the words "erasers" on the box and it'll be nearly real looking! Eh?

It has a clear plastic tray in bottom of box to keep each slice in place.

The slices are so pretty! 

Here is LaurenDoll with her hedgehog! It's perfect size!

So when I got home I started thinking... "Well surely they make other varieties of food?" And on eBay I went. Sure enough, I searched "food shaped erasers" and these popped up. 

Not too bad price wise considering they have to be shipped to me. And more than enough junk food to go around! Haha. They arrived pretty quickly and each in their own plastic packaging...

They are pretty perfect as doll food!

Here are AlyciaDoll, SusannahDoll and Frann doll next to the table set for six! What a fun feast for the dolls! 

So keep your eyes open at novelty stores for erasers! Do you have any other food shaped ones I haven't found here? I would love to see them!!

Better run...
Till next time!

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  1. The eraser food is absolutely darling. Just last week I discovered Japanese "take out" food for the mini dolls at Daiso, a Japanese $ store here in Vancouver. I blogged about it on my MindLikeASieve blog.