Monday, September 26, 2016

My Life As Doll By Walmart: In Store Reporting!

Hi Doll Friends!

I went to a different Walmart today. I live in rural area and we have two cities to choose from when we go to town and today we chose the one I seldom go to...

I am so blown away (and annoyed) at how some Walnarts have huge selections like this and others have hardly anything? Lame.

I only let myself buy one thing, the little shopping basket with groceries in... But I wanted one of everything! Hahaha! Maybe it's good they don't have so much at my regular store? 

So. Much. Cool.

I chose the Walmart basket. The contents were same on either one...

This set gave me pause.... So cute! But I already have a doll laptop and phone and backpack... Maybe some other time...

This slumber party set was cute... I think I might try and make the milks at home!

Camping set is neat! But I have a tent already...

This chair is interesting...

That's all I saw... What are you seeing at your Walmart?

Till next time!

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