Monday, September 12, 2016

Swim Rings for Dolls From Clearance Price Beverage Boats!

Hi Doll Friends!

So I saw these beverage boats on clearance for $1.50 at Walmart. My first thought was doll pool party!! 

I opened one at the store and saw that they were "closed" in order to hold the drink... I just cut out that bottom part (carefully carefully!!).

They are a tiny bit too snug to fit on standard 18" dolls but I still think they make great accessories for them. I am betting they'll fit 14inch dolls like HeartForHeart dolls but haven't tried them yet...

I think they are so cute! Wish I would've bought more! Maybe they'll be there when I go next time...?

So fun! I know pool parties are about over but there are always indoor pools. Eh?

Maybe you'll find some of these cool floaties at your Walmart?!

Till next time!