Friday, September 16, 2016

Beautiful Gift For Doll House From Dear Friend!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

As you may know if you read this blog regularly, because of this blog I've met and become friends with the loveliest, sweetest and most generous Frann. She has made writing this blog so much more fun! I mean, it was fun before we met here but much more two dimensional if that makes sense. I could tell by looking at stats on Blogger that it was being read here and there but it was all so anonymous that it was more like writing a diary about my dolls than talking to anyone else really... 

So when Frann wrote her first comment, I was so excited and touched to have an actual "reader" who regularly read my blog, not just stumbled in because they searched a certain doll on Google or what not... Just that alone made a difference. So then as I wrote my blog, it was more like sitting down for coffee with Frann and talking dolls. Much more fun! We started talking via comments at first. Since then, she's become a treasured friend... The more we get to know each other the more we have in common! Isn't the Internet groovy!! So... Recently she told me that, as her Chusuk gift to me, she was sending me some doll furniture for the doll house! How fun! I was so excited although the generosity of her gift blew me away.... I've learned that she finds joy in gift giving and so just humbly accept her sweet gifts with joy as well. ❤️
She sent sample photos of what she was sending but nothing could've prepared me for the beautiful work of art furniture that arrived in the mail... All the way from Russia (with love!❤️)

The fireplace, wardrobe and bed are all what arrived so far... Frann tells me even more is on way (!!!) but I just had to show you what was here!

It's like my dream furniture in real life, all doll sized! I decided the first doll to try out the bed should be Calla because she is Frann and my twin doll (I customized two MAs, both alike, one for each of us)

The wardrobe is so amazing. It's got deep drawers (one can even hold my doll sized violin!) and even came with fancy wood hangers!!

FrannDoll and HeatherDoll were still dressed up from the Chusuk Feast but had to check out the room too!

They love it! All the dolls do! 😀

Here they are by the fireplace and wardrobe.

MaryDoll and EmilyAnneDoll just got new vintage dresses and said "We should model them in the new room!!" I agreed. 

So so excited about all the upcoming photos in the coming years with this great furniture!! Thank you so much Frann!  You're a treasured friend and I think of you as an intrigal part of this blog because our friendship has brought it to life! So thank you thank you thank you. ❤️❤️


  1. You're welcome. The person who says "Thank you" is me. YOU and your blog make my life exciting. How could I find the best friend like you? I am really lucky to get to know you.
    I already did know how well you decorate the doll room with some furniture. You have magic hands. The furniture looks much better by your hands and makes the doll room cozier. Thank your for sharing everything with me.

  2. Wow, the doll furniture is fantastic, and so lovely. How wonderful of Frann to send it to you as a gift! It really adds to the doll house.