Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cabbage Patch Kid Mini Doll Flea Market Score!!

Hi Doll Friends!

Cabbage Patch Kid dolls, the full sized kind, came out when I was a kid... They were actually the mass produced version of what Xavier Roberts's original hand made Adoption Dolls. I happened to live in Georgia at the time Adoption Dolls were at the height of popularity. Mind you, this was about 1982. The only was you could purchase an Adoption Doll was to go to Babyland General Hospital, in Georgia and adopt one. They cost, at the time, about $100 each. In 1982 $100 was a lot of money!! My mother actually took us to Babyland General Hospital but we only toured it and then bought "knock off" Adoption Dolls from a lady who made them in that town. I actually still have mine in a box somewhere... 

When Cabbage Patch Kids hit market they were immediate hit and it was nearly impossible to lay hands on one! I ended up with two but that is because we bought them before they took off in Georgia... Because most people in Georgia kind of thought they'd flop and no one really liked their plastic faces. (Adoption dolls were all fabric)

So CPK were kind of a bit big part of my childhood. I don't really care for the large kind anymore... I even got rid of the ones I had as a kid because my daughter didn't care about them anymore and she is only reason I kept them.

However, the mini-dolls I adore! I had two that I had found 2nd hand and they were two of my favorite "doll size" things. This past weekend though, I found a whole bag of them along with all their original accessories, clothes and even Adoption Papers for $5.00 at the Flea Market!!

They are so stinking cute!!

This one looks a lot like my original Adoption Doll!

Looking forward to many photo sessions in doll house with these cuties!

Gotta run!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Fancy Nancy 18" Doll Boy Doll Make-Over!

Hi Doll Friends!!

It's been a crazy busy week.... But after church on Sunday, I stopped into a thrift store and found a second Fancy Nancy doll... 

The newer one is on the left... At first I bought her just for her adorable outfit because my first Fancy Nancy doll came nude...

The newer doll had hair in better shape than the one I already owned...

So, I decided to give the older doll a makeover... I don't need two Nancy dolls in doll house really and I happened to have a few wigs on hand...

I only had to try on the one! The doll was so cute as a boy!!! So glad I went with my gut and bought the doll...! I almost put her back down because I had one already (and I really do try to be good about not buying too many dolls! LOL) I am so glad I got her cos I almost think she makes a better boy doll than girl! However I am glad I have both. Fancy Nancy books were some of my daughters favorites when she was younger and so it is a sentimental thing along with her being a cute doll. 

My newer Nancy wanted to try on some new clothes... No surprise she went with the some of the fanciest ones in the wardrobe. 

Aren't they cute? Like siblings!

I haven't named him yet... Jokingly calling him Fancy Clancy but... Not sure it will stick. 

Gotta run! Busy week at work and a lot to finish up today. 
Till next time!

New In Box Vintage Tolly Tot Doll!!

Hi Doll Friends!!

I am so excited about this find I could just burst!! As I've mentioned before, if they were still being produced today, Tolly Tot 18inch Dolls would be my favorite variety!! I have a collection of them but haven't ever had one 'new' before because they stopped making them long before I started collecting 18inch dolls. 

I've seen them on eBay before but never in a price range that was realistic to me... Until this one!

I got her for about $25 including shipping!! 

So stoked!!

Isn't her box neat? It is a permanent 'carrying case and stand'. I think I'll display a doll in it, it's so nice... Not sure which one yet...

I'll have to finish up the rest of this 'review' as just photos because I am out of time!

So, enjoy photos!! I love this doll, she's fabulous! Her outfit has already been taken as a 'boy' outfit... It's perfect for boys!! She is unlike any of my other Tolly's either, so that's wonderful!! 

Till next time!

Springfield 18inch Boy Doll Re-Wig

Hi There Doll Friends!!

As I mentioned in my last post... I am a on a bit of a re-wigging kick. I've found some good deals on wigs lately and have gone a bit overboard... Kind of my habit, that... But you're probably used to that by now, eh? Teehee.

This handsome fella is my latest project. 

He was a boy doll from the moment I brought him home and cut off his hair... Here is the story of his homecoming.

I wasn't every really happy with his hair though... So he didn't see a whole lot of 'face time' in the doll house because he wasn't my favorite. Poor chap!!

So, I knew I wanted to re-wig him but it was just a matter of timing and finding the right wig at the right price. 


I got this wig off eBay for a pretty good deal... $6 plust $2 shipping. It's made of human hair which means it is top notch. It was from 'old factory stock' sale and smelled the slightest bit musty, but it will air out and that hasn't ever really bugged me because I grew up with a Mom who ran businesses at Flea Markets all the time and they all smell a bit like that. Haha.

I think it makes him look so much more handsome!!

What do you think?

More soon!

Our Generation Custom Boy Doll!

Greetings and Salutation Doll Friends!!

Happy Monday! Where do the weekends go? Mine kind of disappeared in a bunch of different doll projects! I recently got on a 'wig buying' kick on eBay... I tend to go in 'waves' of projects... Re-wigging just seems to be the current wave. Haha. It's just so much fun to totally re-create a doll that has been treated poorly into a whole new incecption of itself! 

My latest? This handsome fella!

He started out as an Our Generation doll I found at the thrift store for $1.99. I knew I wouldn't be able to salvage her hair because it was like one big dread lock! Please pardon these dreadful 'before' photos... They are dark and not very good. I did this project at my normal hobby time, about 5:30AM. I get up every day at 4:30AM and my routine is Bible Study, Yoga and then hobbies. It's the most peaceful two hours of my day and sets the tone for the rest... Suffice to say that it is way too early for my family to be up and so I try and keep the light and sound to a minumum where I can. Hence, dark photos here. 

She was in pretty good shape in every other way...  A bit dirty but nothing insurmountable!

As you can see, I mean it when I say a bit dirty. Norwex Enviro cloth to the rescue! It always gets off, without solvents, 90% of it. 

I have to say I love the way he came out!! I don't have a whole lot of dark haired boy dolls because I have to pay about four times as much for the darker wigs than I do for the fair haired sort. The blond wig I've used on so many of my boy dolls is a variety that I am able to find on eBay, most of the time, for about $5.00 whereas this wig cost me about $18.00! So you can see why I have more blonde boys than any other! Eh?

But he is super handsome!! He reminds me of Christopher Reeves, I think? The original Superman... Maybe I'll name him Chris? 

Better run if I am going to get one more blog post written before I wake up the family!