Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Gali Girl LOTUS 18inch Doll!

Greetings Doll Friends!!

So since Lent is over I am free to buy dolls again... Oh boy! I am gonna need a bigger house or to add on a Doll Wing in the house. Hey... That actually sounds amazing. Haha. There are worse problems to have. Right?

So lately I've become intrigued and entranced by LOTUS dolls. There are several companies that use their head molds... I'll post some links to a few reviews of ones I own when I get back to flesh this blog out a bit more. I love their adorable faces! 

So I have "LOTUS 18inch doll" in my search engines on eBay. I was "window shopping" there on April 1st (it's a tough day for me... I needed a pick me up. Haha) and this beautiful little lady popped up in my Lotus search.  

Who are you?! There were three actually... All different. They each came with a Purim gown too! So I had to choose one! Ouch! They seem pretty rare! I wanted to scoop up all three. I got her for $24 plus shipping (steal!) on a BuyItNow and since she arrived I realize I got an amazing deal. Her clothes alone are worth that. Awesomeness!

I am out of time just now and so have to just have this be a "picture review" for now. I'll come back with a part two soon! I apologize about the photos being on dark side but I was enjoying opening her right next to my couch as I watched a show with my husband. We girls have to multitask, eh? 

Till next time with part two!

*UPDATE January 26, 2018 I named this doll Cat after one of my life long friends. Just wanted to let you know since I don't think I ever came back to say. If you put 'Cat' into the search engine in the upper corner of my blog, you'll see most of her posts. :) 


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    1. Thanks! I love her too! :) Sorry I just noticed this comment! :)