Friday, April 8, 2016

Play Food Groceries for Doll House Kitchen

Hi Doll Friends!

Since I set up the kitchen I was wishing I had more "play food" for it so I could fill up the pantry. Play food doesn't usually come cheap in the 18inch doll department though! 

However... The other day when I was at Dollar General the other day for detergent and what not, I went to glance at the toys. Because, reasons! You never know when and where you're going to find doll stuff!

Then I saw this play food set for $5.50! It had some items that were just wrong in scale but the boxes and cans were what I really wanted!

This is the back of the box.

And this is the mess I made trying to get the plastic part holding it all in the box off of it. Haha.

A lot of the food is in the grocery bags but if you look at bottom shelf of pantry you can see the boxes and can. The juice is sitting on the counter. 

Kathy is putting away the groceries. 

Side note: I already had some "shopping bags" that I had gotten at a Garage Sale last summer. It pays to live in town with OTC because a lot of their employees sell the freebies the employees get! What freebies? As far as I know, when OTC has a damaged package of something or what not they put it in a "pool" for the employees to take if they want it. Along with other seasonal boxes they are given... Pretty cool place to work actually. My sister worked there when she was younger. I digress... Back to dolls!!

I love the shopping bags because they are the perfect size for the dolls and because they have  ❤️Jesus❤️ on them!

Here is my new LOTUS doll Cat in the kitchen helping Kathy unpack the food.

Jamie is cooking the steak and corn! Nebraska cooking!

Sharon and Lisa are setting the table!

I love the doll house kitchen! So glad it's all coming together! Check my other recent post about the floor I made for the kitchen!

Till next time!

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