Saturday, April 9, 2016

New Kitchen Floor For Doll House!

Hi Doll Friends! 

The 'floor'  I had in the doll house before we moved got ruined in the move. I've been meaning to make a new one since we got settled but other doll projects have kept my attention... 

Until yesterday. We went to Lowe's with the plan of buying me some more racks for my dolls. As we were walking down the aisles, the placard over the "Flooring" department caught my eye and I thought "we are here, I might as well look for some pretty stick and peel tiles"

So I go to look at the tiles and what do I see but the very sort of tile I want but there is a stack of them on clearance for 16cents each! There were only ten left and for any other person, that would be useless but it was just enough for my doll floor!

I puzzled over what to use for the base of the floor? My last floor I used a large, brand new, flat moving box. I never felt like it was the best option but I could figure no other...? Until... I realized I could probably make the size I wanted if I used two boards and taped them together. 

I duct taped the side I wasn't putting tiles on just so it would stay put while I put it all together. Once I get the tiles on, they aren't going anywhere and they will hold the two boards together securely. 

So, starting at one edge. I just carefully started peeling the backing off and applying the tiles to the boards. 

As you can see, I was left with an edge that isn't equal to the tiles... So I measured and needed to get two pieces out of each tile I had left... So you can see the cut lines on the tiles above. I cut them with an exacto knife. The ten tiles ended up being just enough (well I had one tile left over). I love when that happens! No waste!

Such a pretty tile! It looks like a marble floor! 

Here it is in the kitchen!!! Doesn't it look amazing?!

Even with the 'dining room' being carpet, it looks like a natural transition from 'marble' floor to carpet. I love it!

So do the dolls! They can stand so much better on a flat surface! Fun!

Better get ready for church! 
Till next time!

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