Tuesday, May 23, 2017

An Evening Of Chess At The Doll House! Also, Doll Plants DIY Ideas!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

Happy Tuesday! I don't know about your neck of the woods but in mine today is the last day of school! Hallelujah! We made it through another year. Looking forward what will hopefully be a laid back and restful Summer this year! I'll pray you have the same!

There have been so many things I've wanted to tell you about in Doll House happenings that I am sort of doing a multiple purpose post here. Recently I discovered Be Chic Forever YouTube channel and she has so many clever ideas! I just adore her Doll House and her sense of style. It's a bit different than my own, she is very 'minimalist' in her decorating scheme and I am more 'hodgepodge collector', but that's half the fun of making a Doll House is that you get to decorate it to reflect your own tastes. 

One of the crafts she showed how to make was doll sized planters and vases and I absolutely adored the way hers looked! Having 'plants' in her doll house made it look so much more 'real' that I knew I'd have to give it a go and try and 'make' a few of my own! So... In the photos in this post, you'll see what came of my attempts. 

Here is a vase of flowers I put together... The vase, naturally, was thrifted somewhere along the line... The picture of the bird and the two ducks are recent (like in the last week) thrifty finds! The picture of the duck is a OOAK Art Card! Isn't it pretty? It was only 50cents with the frame included! The ducks were 25c each, not a bad deal for $1.00. I think the ducks look like they were made to go with the vase, don't you? See that very faded photo of the girl in the heart frame? That was me when I was younger, on one of my first Military ID cards as a young Army wife. The other side has a photo of my husband from same place... Or maybe these were from when we were teens as AF Brats? I don't recall for sure. But I've had that frame since I was like 19 and a newly wed. So, as you can see, I've always loved miniature things!

This Tea Set was also a thrity find. I thought it was kind of funny that it was 'pre-priced' $2 from whereever it was originally purchased and then Goodwill marked it $1.99. No matter to me though, I thought it was certainly worth $1.99... Cos goodness knows I need more doll dishes. Right? Teehee.

Here it is in the box in case you like it and want to try and search for one yourself.

I love that it says you can use it with food! How funny.

Now, if you take a look at the top of the beautiful glass front bookcase you'll see a couple of 'potted plants'. The planters are wooden napkin rings I got at the Thrift Store!! (see photo on this link) I simply glued a circle tags I already had on hand that were the correct circumference to the bottom of them so they'd hold plants. There was a small hole in the tag but it wasn't like I was using any dirt. I used the leaves off of some flowers that I used to put in a vase for all three of them. The taller of the planters (on the clock) I simply glued two of the napkin rings together to make a taller one. I love how they came out and I have another batch of napkin rings I got at same time that I plan to make more 'planters' out of. How fun!

The adorable chess set that Josh and Frank are playing with? Also a thrifty find, it's meant to be a travel sized game for 'real people' but it makes a perfect doll sized chess set! I love it!

Frann is pulling out a few extra cups now that Spectrum and Oliver have arrived! 

I am going to have to let the rest of the 'story in photos' tell the story because Blogger ate up all my writing time this morning by taking half an hour to upload this post... Bummer.

I made this bouquet and so of course Josh Doll had to present the very first doll bouquet I ever made to Heather Doll. Right?

"I better get these into some water!"

"Thanks Josh!" 💓

I took a lot of these with a YouTube Video in mind... So once I get that to upload, I'll come back and post a linky in case you want to see it!

These are kind of funny photos but I wanted to show you the flowers on top of the hutch and the pink flowers in the vase below... Another couple I put together. I can see this might get addictive, this flower and plant thing because they are so cute and pretty easy to put together. Coupled with my apparent talent at finding little vases and vessels, I think I'll have more in the future. Haha.

Better run!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Wigged Was the Answer!! Electra Gets New Hair!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Computer problems!! I've been having them and so didn't get a chance to post at all this weekend. I'd like to say that since I couldn't get on computer, I spent the entire weekend creating creating creating... Sadly, although I had a million ideas in my head but just couldn't muster the energy to implement them. Does that ever happen to you? I suppose all hobbies wax and wane. 

Don't get me wrong, I did do 'doll stuff' this weekend, I created a new doll house background so now I have three large backgrounds with the viney Contact Paper 'Wallpaper' like you see in the kitchen here. I like to have more than one of the same paper because then I can make very large rooms or rooms that expand into two (think living room and kitchen) with the same continual wallpaper. If that makes sense. 

I also re-dressed and combed out or re-styled the hair of several of my dolls. I find that incredibly relaxing and fun to do... And being as I have so many dolls I could likely change and style two or three a day and still end up with dust in the hair of a few anyway...? Teehee. Maybe not. I try to change out and style each doll at least once a season. (Ugh, that sounds terrible! But it's not like the sweat or get dirty, right?) I am rambling... Sorry about that! On to the subject of this post!

Electra got new hair!! The other day, in a previous post, I couldn't decide for sure, once I cut my Tolly Tot Electra's hair, if I should actually just let her keep her original, albiet shorter, hair. So, I decided to wash it and see what I thought afterwards...

Ironically enough, before I washed it, it looked reasonably cute in a 'shoulder length bob' sort of way and I thought I'd done a so-so job of cutting it. 

However, after her wash out and hot dip, you could really tell I have no idea how to cut hair. Haha. Seriously, there's a reason people go to school for that. Eh? Boy haircuts are more forgiving, I think and I've pulled off a few of those but girl hair is a different matter altother apparently. 

Poor dear! Looks a bit forlorn!

I asked my husband his honest opinion about how she looked and he said "Well, it's a bit choppy..." and I knew that, despite the fact that I loved how her hair likely was originally (Those purple highlights are so cute!) the fact was it was pretty much ruined. Oh well, at least I tried to save her hair before I chopped it all off. Eh?

I got her wig from EXQUISITEDOLLDESIGNZ Wig Shoppe. I actually took photos of the envelopes when they came in but I guess I forgot to post them in this blog draft. The package was identical to the first one though. This wig, I must report, was one of the tightest of the wigs I've ever bought. I literally had a moment where I thought it must've just been made wrong and I'd maybe have to send it back or something!? I kept yanking and tugging, having to repeat to myself over and over again that this wig was made for a doll this size, I got it on. At one point, I even went and measured the Tolly Tot head to make sure it's not a lot larger or something and it's the same. It seems like Sew For Dolls had a similar issue with one or two of the wigs from Exquisite Doll Designs but, as she said, one nice thing about it is that, once you get that wig on, you likely don't even need to glue it on because it is not going anywhere. I may try and push the end of the tip of my glue bottle under it at certain places just so it's 'glued' but maybe not because it's on pretty securely just with it being so tight.

What do you think? Isn't she adorable with her new wig? I think I am going to change her name now that she looks so much like a friend of mine. So I think Electra is going to become Jan. Maybe I'll let her keep Electra as her middle name but I've needed a Jan doll to represent one of my life long freinds in the Doll House and this little lady looks just like her with her now 'all white' hair.

Better run, out of time...!
Have a great week!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Melissa and Doug Washing Machine Find At Goodwill! Perfect for 18inch Dolls!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends,

I went into town for work yesterday and, you guessed it, stopped by the nearby Goodwill. What did I see but a cute little washing machine that looked, literally, like it was made for 18inch dolls. Score! Then, when I picked it up and realized it was actually made out of wood I was even more intrigued. Looking closer, I realized it was a Melissa and Doug toy. Nice!! I love their toys because they are always made as if to survive the end of the world or something. By this I mean they are very sturdy and hard to break, as all toys should be really. My own children had a number of their toys when they were smaller, all gleaned from Garage Sales and Thrift Shops because, especially when the kids were little bitty and I was staying home with them, there's no way I could've afforded the new prices. Are you kidding me? Hahaha. Luckily, because they are so well made, they oftentimes make it to the second hand market and so I found my kids quite a few of them. I digress... But suffice to say that Melissa & Doug toys are top notch. 

I was so happy with the price on this piece too! It was marked only $3.99! WOOT!! Especially when I went to the Melissa and Doug website and found out that this is called the "Lets Play House! Wash, Dry, Iron! set and it retails on thier website for $39.99!! So I got it for 10% of the new price! Of course I didn't get any of the accessories that came with but who cares when it's 90% off, right? After looking around the internet I found you can find it cheaper at Walmart where it was more than $10 cheaper at $28.47. By the way, what is up with Walmart and their oddball price points, eh? I digress again but how weird is that? Hahaha. I am too TypeA for Walmarts weird pricing! Now I am giggling at myself. At least someone is amused, eh? (Can't tell it's Friday and I am so happy that it is?) 

Back to the washer! So the one I found was in nearly perfect shape. It could afford to be wiped down but this is literally how I found it. 

Here Annie is modeling by the newest appliance in the Doll House! The dolls were all very excited! They had been hand washing all their dolly clothes and what a lot of work that was. 

As you can see on the dial, it's meant to be a washer and a dryer. How convenient and space saving! The top of the shelves is meant to be an ironing board. I have to say I really love this piece! I think it could likely take years of play and still look just like this. A lot of the toy appliences actually made for dolls are made of plastic and not nearly as sturdy as this is. This reminds me of the toy kitchens I often saw in churches when I was little bitty, all made out of wood and sturdy like this. So totally cool that I have it for the dolls. I've hinted that I may be doing a bit of 'traveling' with my doll house in the near future to bring the doll house to real live kids to actually play with... (Not all of it mind you, the breakable bits will stay safe at my house!) So I think this will be the making of a whole laundry room for that venture. So excited!!

As you can see, you can fit very large loads of laundry in the machine! I love high capacity washers! I have one of my own! 

Uh Oh! The laundry fell out! (Kidding!)

Annie is ironing a skirt! (I got all the accessories you see here at thrift stores and garage sales. The iron is a 'wind up toy')

I also love that you can store all the accessories in the washing machine when you're all done playing. I took a photo of that but forgot to upload it apparently.... So I'll come back and update with that photo from my phone soon.

Better run!
Till next time!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

To Wig or Not To Wig, That Is The Question?

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

So recently, as you know if you read this little blog regularly, I've been on a bit of a 'kick' where I am going to force myself to purge some dolls from my somewhat embarrasingly huge collection. Either that or force myself to make over whichever dolls I have that collect dust in their hair into dolls that I love too much to leave on the shelf. If that makes sense. So quite a few of my dolls have gotten makeovers into OOAK or One Of A Kind Dolls lately and I've been really having quite a bit of fun with it!

So Electra here really has always been a favorite because she is a Tolly Tot Doll and a doll named Rose was my very first 18inch doll. She was a garage sale doll but was my first 18inch doll, a gift to me from my daughter from her small collection way back when I made my very first upcycled doll clothes to use as a 'fit doll'. So even though they don't make them anymore, Tolly's will always have  a special place in my heart. I got Electra on eBay for a steal once but her hair was always a bit of a mess. 

I'd hot water dipped her hair and everything but it never sorted out the sad bushy frayed ends. I had always considered just cutting off the horrible ends but worried I'd mess up and make her worse and so she has spent her entire time in the doll house with her hair pulled back into a ponytail. However, I still loved her silver and purple hair and so I never really wanted to take the plunge and re-wig her. Until recently as I realized she hardly ever leaves the shelf or the doll rack and so it was time to do something about her hair. So, I ordered a 'white' wig (it was my mothers day gift from hubby cos he asked what I really wanted), determined to just cut off her hair and put a new wig on.

I saw in mail tracking that the wig would likely be here the next day and so I figured I'd get her out and perhaps cut her hair off so I'd be able to just put the doll wig on when it arrived. 

See? Isn't it dreadful?? There was no way she could ever wear her hair down with it looking like this. As I pulled it down, knowing I was probably going to cut it all off, I thought "Well, why not at least try to see what it looks like if I just cut off the damaged parts". So I did that...

And after I was done, I couldn't decide what I thought. Upon looking at the photos this morning (I cut her hair last night) I realize it likely needs to be 'shaped' just a bit better on the ends but... Honestly, I think she looks pretty cute like this. I am going wash it tonight and give her another hot water dip but.... I might just leave it as her hair. Like I say, I always loved the silver hair with purple highlights and so if I can manage to keep it, I likely will. What do you think? Be kind, I am not a hair stylist by any stretch of the imagination! I just tried to do what I've seen them do on my own head a hundred times... I pinned up the top portions and worked from the 'underneath' out. If that makes sense. 

All in all, I think she looks pretty cute! So let me know what you think? I'll show you how she comes out after her shampoo and hot dip too... If I don't end up using the pretty white wig on her, I am 99% certain some other doll in my collection is going to end up with it because it's super pretty too!

Better run!
Till next time!