Monday, May 22, 2017

Wigged Was the Answer!! Electra Gets New Hair!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Computer problems!! I've been having them and so didn't get a chance to post at all this weekend. I'd like to say that since I couldn't get on computer, I spent the entire weekend creating creating creating... Sadly, although I had a million ideas in my head but just couldn't muster the energy to implement them. Does that ever happen to you? I suppose all hobbies wax and wane. 

Don't get me wrong, I did do 'doll stuff' this weekend, I created a new doll house background so now I have three large backgrounds with the viney Contact Paper 'Wallpaper' like you see in the kitchen here. I like to have more than one of the same paper because then I can make very large rooms or rooms that expand into two (think living room and kitchen) with the same continual wallpaper. If that makes sense. 

I also re-dressed and combed out or re-styled the hair of several of my dolls. I find that incredibly relaxing and fun to do... And being as I have so many dolls I could likely change and style two or three a day and still end up with dust in the hair of a few anyway...? Teehee. Maybe not. I try to change out and style each doll at least once a season. (Ugh, that sounds terrible! But it's not like the sweat or get dirty, right?) I am rambling... Sorry about that! On to the subject of this post!

Electra got new hair!! The other day, in a previous post, I couldn't decide for sure, once I cut my Tolly Tot Electra's hair, if I should actually just let her keep her original, albiet shorter, hair. So, I decided to wash it and see what I thought afterwards...

Ironically enough, before I washed it, it looked reasonably cute in a 'shoulder length bob' sort of way and I thought I'd done a so-so job of cutting it. 

However, after her wash out and hot dip, you could really tell I have no idea how to cut hair. Haha. Seriously, there's a reason people go to school for that. Eh? Boy haircuts are more forgiving, I think and I've pulled off a few of those but girl hair is a different matter altother apparently. 

Poor dear! Looks a bit forlorn!

I asked my husband his honest opinion about how she looked and he said "Well, it's a bit choppy..." and I knew that, despite the fact that I loved how her hair likely was originally (Those purple highlights are so cute!) the fact was it was pretty much ruined. Oh well, at least I tried to save her hair before I chopped it all off. Eh?

I got her wig from EXQUISITEDOLLDESIGNZ Wig Shoppe. I actually took photos of the envelopes when they came in but I guess I forgot to post them in this blog draft. The package was identical to the first one though. This wig, I must report, was one of the tightest of the wigs I've ever bought. I literally had a moment where I thought it must've just been made wrong and I'd maybe have to send it back or something!? I kept yanking and tugging, having to repeat to myself over and over again that this wig was made for a doll this size, I got it on. At one point, I even went and measured the Tolly Tot head to make sure it's not a lot larger or something and it's the same. It seems like Sew For Dolls had a similar issue with one or two of the wigs from Exquisite Doll Designs but, as she said, one nice thing about it is that, once you get that wig on, you likely don't even need to glue it on because it is not going anywhere. I may try and push the end of the tip of my glue bottle under it at certain places just so it's 'glued' but maybe not because it's on pretty securely just with it being so tight.

What do you think? Isn't she adorable with her new wig? I think I am going to change her name now that she looks so much like a friend of mine. So I think Electra is going to become Jan. Maybe I'll let her keep Electra as her middle name but I've needed a Jan doll to represent one of my life long freinds in the Doll House and this little lady looks just like her with her now 'all white' hair.

Better run, out of time...!
Have a great week!

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