Wednesday, May 3, 2017

New Glass Front Bookcase Thrift Store Score!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

When I was a little girl, my Grandma C's house was a magical place in the country where she and Grandpa raised rabbits on a farm. Not even kidding or talking story, that's all true right there. So, as you may imagine, I loved her house and we went there every Summer when I was a girl. One of the things I remember and loved about her place was that she had several glass front bookcases at her house crammed with books. That's likely where I get my own love of the written word and actual paper books. I don't know that I'll never be an e-reader. Which is kind of odd I suppose given that my whole job and blogging itself is kind of a total embrace of technology, eh? We live in interesting times to be sure. I digress... Glass front bookcases, have you ever seen them? My Grandmas looked a lot like this one where you would slide the little glass doors open on each shelf individually. Coolest bookcases ever because it kept a lot of the dust off your book. So what does all this have to do with the Doll House?

At a Thrift Store last week, I found a nifty glass front shelf that I thought would be perfect to use as a book case!! It was only $7.00! Interestingly enough, I talked myself out of getting it the first day I saw it, on Friday. I left it at the thrift store! I regretted it by evening but it was too late. I went back the next day and it was gone... Or so I thought. Untill I rounded the corner in a different area of the thrift store from where I first saw it and there it was. Needless to say, I bought it. Why do I need a bookcase for my dolls? Well... How can I say this? My Grandmothers love of books was passed down to your's truely. Yup, that's right. I collect books. I have cases of them all over my house in my 'real' house, one totally devoted to Bibles because I have a thing about wanting to own every version ever released. Teehee. So, books. I love them. Did I mention I also love and have loved everything in miniature ever since I was little bitty and I've been thrifting for a couple of decades? Well, those facts combined mean I have quite a large mini book collection as well.  Imagine that?

So here are most of them... I have a few others in the beautiful russian furniture from Frann

I know I'd want to see them so here is a snap shot of all the mini-books. I have a few duplicates that I plan to cover with other book covers from printables. Actually, one of my plans is to put different covers on a lot of the 'gift books' that are titled 'For My Friend' and such because it would be much cuter to have it look like a Harry Potter book or an Anne of Green Gables or some such. However a lot of them are rather cool as they are. I especially love my little Princess Diana book because my mother loved loved loved her and had like a hundred books about her, in a case with a glass front, actually now that I think of it. (She had an entire bookshelf of only Princess Di books as she called them) I am rambling... On to the bookcase!! Why did I leave it at the thrift store in the first place? Well, I was yet again worried about the 'space consumption' of the large doll furniture item. Obviously I changed my mind and I am so glad I did because I think it looks pretty amazing in the living room at the Doll House.

Perhaps it's because my parents lived in Europe for a couple of decades and so had large beautiful items of furniture all over their house that it just feels 'like home' to me but I love it! What do you think?

So I set up a doll scene and started snapping photos. Because that's what I love to do lately... Teehee... Here are Saila Doll (Maplelea in pink cat shirt) Samantha-Noel Doll (My Life As) and Debbie Doll (LOTUS at fridge) in the kitchen.

Here are Jenn Doll (OG on green sofa), Debbie Doll (Tolly Tot in red shirt), Noname Doll (I haven't picked a name yet! Custom LOTUS doll) Ashbee Doll (AG) and Stephanie Doll (OG Little Friends) in the living room hanging out.

Lisa Doll (OG) and JonSnow Doll (Custom) are having some cookies and milk.

Jenn was looking at a scrapbook of South Dakota and showed Debbie some of her favorite pictures.

Wonder what they're chatting about?

Kevin is finding a book with Stephanie.

Gebhardt Doll (Customized Springfield) is reading the best book there is. 💓

Well, I better run! Time flies when you're playing dolls, eh?
Have a wonderful day!


  1. OK, I have to post again. Can't help it. I love the new doll book case! What was it originally?
    I and my family actually met Lady Diana here in Vancouver BC way back in May 1986, when she and Prince Charles attended the Expo '86 opening ceremonies. Somewhere I have a photo I took of her. Most of my photos are organized, but there are a few years which are not! I can't believe it's been 20 years this Aug since she died. It seems a life time ago though.

    1. I think it must have just been a 'nic-nac shelf'. I think a lot of people collect 'miniatures' or figurines even if they don't collect dolls and they sometimes store them in these cases? I love princess Di because Mom loved her. It is crazy she died so long ago. In some ways it seems like yesterday!

    2. Ah yes, that's what it would be. I forgot about those nic-nac shelves.

  2. Yes, the new bookcase is beautiful. I guess nue one must have been much expensive. I like books,too. When I was a girl, there were not many things to do except reading books. I remember reading lots lots of books every vacation. Anyway, Princess Diana was as popular as people bought books about her, wasn't she?

    1. I know you like books, we both have bookcases full of them. One more thing we are like sisters from another mother about, huh? Heehee. Awesomeness.