Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Summer Gets a New Body!

Hi Doll Friends!
Once upon a time I gave a Positively Perfect Doll a doll armature because she had a soft body and couldn't even stand up on her own. However, sadly, even though she could stand up, she still had the shoulders that were really not too attractive in shoulders so mostly she just sat on a shelf. Recently, deciding I was no longer going to keep dolls I was luke-warm about, I decided I better do something with her or donate her. So... She got a body transplant.

I couldn't bring myself to part with her because I still think that this doll has one of the prettiest face sculpts I've ever seen and her hair is gorgeous!! So... All I needed was a doll body. Since I was weeding out dolls I wasn't 'in love' with, I had several options to work with.

I decided this doll's skin tone was as close as I was going to get and so it was the one.

So, off with their heads!!  Haha.

When I got 'into' the Our Generation Body that was going to be hers, I realized it was one of the poseable type and, in a way I've only seeen once before, the head was attached to the armature it had. Uh oh! Will the PPD Doll's head fit?!

Luckily they had nearly identical necks and so it worked like a charm.

You'll have to excuse my really dreadful looking stitches. This must be an older OG doll body because the fabric was more of a muslin and acted like it might fray and so I had to make my stitches really overlap the fabric if that makes sense. Luckily clothes will cover it up unless she wears a swim suit and then her hair will likely cover it up.

So... Meet Summer again! She's got a whole new lease on life and will make a great model in future doll photographs! Awesomeness! 

Better run!

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