Monday, May 8, 2017

My Life As Doll Dive Instructor! New Doll in the Doll House!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

As you may know, customizing dolls has become something I love to do! However, most of my customized dolls have been second hand dolls that I make over in order to kind of 'save' them because they are in such bad repair. I've only ever purchased a new doll with "customizing-it-in-my-plans- when-I-bought-it" that one time, when I made Josh Doll. However, recently I've found some pretty snazzy doll wigs at good prices... So I decided that I was going to customize a couple of new dolls. One of my newer dolls is going to be customized with one of the new wigs since I already own her and it'll be perfect for her. When I decided that, I thought it would be cute to make a sibling set of her and another one just like her. However I wasn't sure I wanted to spend full price on one. You know, cos I'm thrifty like that. Teehee.

So when I went to Walmart on Sunday and found her almost exact twin on sale for $18 and change, I knew it was providence!

Here is the 'My Life As Dive Instructor' Doll. Since I got her, I figured I'd show her to you before I customized her into a new boy doll and sibling for the other blonde-but-soon-to-be-rewigged doll. 

Here is the back of the box. 

And the side of the box...

Here she is out of the box but still attached to it. 

Such a pretty face!!

And... She's out of the box!! (I always think of the Mommy & Gracie Show when I say that. I love them! LOL!)

Naturally, after getting her out of her box, I started to be a bit sad about the thought of scalping her and making her over because, well, she's just so pretty. 

Here she is with the other blonde My Life As doll I plan to customize. Twins!!

They were kind of excited to meet one another! Can you tell?

I took them around the yard in the nice weather to take a few photos. 

I love her outfit too although I think the swimming trunks, at least, are going to be for the boy dolls in the Doll House. Because, as you may know, boy doll clothes aren't always easy to come by!

Isn't she cute?

She finally told me she feels a bit silly carrying around her flippers and wearing her goggles with no water in miles of us and so...

I brought her back in and took her goggles off and her hair down. It's beautiful but I think it'd be impossible to take care of for a child honestly. Maybe I am wrong but my experience is dolls with curly hair have their hair damaged so much easier than strait haired dolls. Do you agree? It's beautiful though and if you have a child that is careful with their playthings, it's sure fun to have a doll with hair like this.

I have probably said it before and will probably say it again but I just think that My Life As Doll's are so terrific in quality given their regular price point of $27.99. A full $100 less than American Girl dolls means you could buy nearly five of these dolls for the cost of one of those. Crazy when you think about it. They make such great 'friends' for American Girl dolls!

Very full and curly hair!!

I had to take her back out in the sun to take photos with her hair down. 

I am going to make her over but it was fun to see her as 'herself' first.

Here are the 'twins' in the bathroom in the Doll House. 

They needed to powder their noses and discuss what life was like in the Doll House. Why is it, do you suppose, that girls like to chat up in the powder room? I know I've had many great conversations in them. Haha.

So stay tuned to upcoming blog posts for the customizations! I just checked the status of my shipment and the wigs should be here today or tomorrow! So excited!!

Till Next Time!

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