Monday, April 3, 2017

My Life As Doll Party Planner Doll to Celebrate 60K Views!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

So... I've never made my blog about the 'numbers' of views or anything like that. I started writing it because I love dolls and my daughter had gotten into the 18" sort. As I found out how much all the clothes, accessories and furniture cost, I tried to make things on the 'cheap' and wanted to share the ideas I was working on with other mothers who might also want to do 18inch dolls 'on-a-shoestring'. Since then, I've gotten into many different aspects of the 18inch doll 'scene'... I collect dolls, clothes and all of it and my newer favorite thing is doll photography! Then, last year, I became friends with Frann and the blog took on a whole new life as it became even more fun writing it. It was like sitting down and having coffee and talking dolls with my good friend knowing she'd read them... We've become great friends and have even made more mutual friends in the doll world. So much fun!! So, that is what I love about blogging! 

All that being said, it is kind of fun to watch the 'numbers' of visitors my blog gets daily, weekly and monthly and to see where they are from and such. So this last week my little blog hit it's 60K visitor! I know that is like a drop in the pan compared to some blogs on the internet but it still kine of blows my mind that my tiny little corner of the internet has had 60K visits!

So, to celebrate the 'milestone' I decided I would splurge a bit and give myself a bit of mad money to spend at Walmart! I went in with a 'budget' in my mind of about $25. I figured I'd get an outfit or two or maybe some shoes? Then I saw these beauties... Uh oh. On clearance for $21. I liked both of them and kind of decided a while ago I might like to get a blonde My Life As Doll. It took me a moment to decide which I wanted to get .The one on the right has the cute purple highlights in her hair but the one on the left had the adorable dress and 'party hat' on... Decisions decisions..!!

I decided on the one on the left... I just love her 'hat'! It will be perfect for the birthday girl to wear in upcoming doll house birthday parties. The color of the dress is just beautiful as well. 

Here is the back of the box. 

One side...

and the other....

Out of box....

She had weird hair ties... Where they literally stitched her hair to those clear plastic strips so it would stay put in the box for display. I understand why they do it but it sure isn't very pretty coming out of the box that way. It's also not easy to get them undone. If you don't have a seam ripper on hand, I don't know how you'd really go about it without a lot of trouble. So... Not the best 'display' hair I've ever seen. 

Also, the hair in those sections were so 'compressed' by being sewn to the card that they were kind of 'crunchy' feeling. I had to run them between my fingers to kind of loosen them up so I didn't rip out her hair as I brushed it. So an adult would certainly have to sort this dolls hair the first time for a child owner of this doll. 

See what I mean? Kind of like dread locks in places...

The good news being that it brushed out with my doll hairbrush from Sophia's. If you don't have a doll hairbrush (wig hair brush) with wire bristles, I highly recommend getting one! It's so much easier to brush doll hair with them and it's much gentler on the doll's hair. Just a recommendation? Don't use hair brushes and combs that you use on human hair on doll hair. Human hairbrushes often have the oils and hair styling products their owners use on their hair on the bristles. If you brush your dolls hair with it, guess where they end up? On your doll's hair. It's hard enough to keep dust and dirt out of your doll's hair but it is even harder when you have oil and styling product in it. So... If you can, at the very least, let your dolly have her very own hair brush! 

Isn't she pretty?!? I think the My Life As Dolls are really top notch especially considering the price point. 

I think she's super cute. I am naming her Mandy after my cousin who she looks just like.

Here she is with Judy who was dressed up already and thought it would be fun to join in the photos.

Judy is telling Mandy all about the Doll House and how much fun it is to live there. So many friends to be made! Judy was positive that Mandy would fit right in. 

Then Judy told Mandy about the Doll House closet she couldn't wait to put on some street clothes! She loved her party dress but having been in it since she was 'born' and the whole time she was 'in the box', she was ready for something a bit more casual. So, off they went to find her something more comfortable. I am reasonably sure there will be more than one of the other dolls who'll be happy she wants to get out of that pretty dress. Pretty dresses are very popular in the Doll House! 

Better run!
Till Next Time!

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