Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Kristi Doll Visits Louisville State Recreation Area!

Hi Doll Friends!!

I love Springtime!! It finally warms up and allows us to get outside more! HipHipHooray!!

So yesterday I had a whole plan to take Kristi Doll to a specific park in Omaha where real Kristi and I used to take our kids when they were little bitty... However, work ran long and I just didn't have time to make it over to that park.

However it was such a beautiful day that I thought it would be a total shame not to get a few photos out somewhere...?

On my drive home I happen to drive right by Louisville State Recreation Area and can literally pull right into their driveway from the highway I drive home on. I had been planning on taking Frann Doll there for months but the weather wasn't ever nice enough or I'd be in too big a hurry on the way home. 

So I decided to turn in and spend 15 minutes or so taking photos of Kristi Doll by the water... Such a pretty place! 

I took quite a few photos of her by the water. 

Such a peaceful spot to sit. 


Here she is on the little 'walkway' they put out over the water...

On the bridge....

Looking around for pretty rocks....  

A photo by the huge sign pointing out the attractions of the park! It was so much fun at the park! I am already planning on another trip there in hopes of getting photos of a doll 'camping trip'! That would be lovely! 

Better run!
Till Next Time!


  1. Beautiful photos at the peaceful park. Kristi looks happy to be taken there and a model.

  2. Beautiful photos! I love the sunshine and blue sky. I'm so homesick for them. lol