Saturday, April 8, 2017

Our Generation Doll Buy One Get One Free Sale!

Hi Doll Friends!!

Our Generation (and all other toys) are on sale Buy Two Get One Free at Target right now. They were last weekend too. At the very same time I got my "Doll Allowance" for the month. Ooops. I may or may not have bought some... Ok, you know I did! I wasn't sure I should come tell you about the sale because I am not sure how long it is on but... It was when I checked as writing this. 

So here are the lovely ladies I ordered! Aren't they fabulous?!?! I got all three of them, shipped and including taxes, for $56!! That's about $18 each! Too good a price to pass up, right? The deluxe outfits from Our Generation are $17.99 regular price so that's makes it like nearly getting a doll, and some nifty accessories, totally free! Sweet!

I've actually been waiting for a good sale on the dolls because I knew I was going to buy the beautiful Suyin doll from the moment I saw her this year when she was released. She has a wholly new face sculpt as far as I can tell and is just gorgeous! My 'plan' was and is to re-name her Eunju after my sister friend of that same name. Which is actually the same person as my beautiful sister friend Frann whom I met through this little blog! Frann is from Korea and she took Frann as her American name but her real name is Eunju. Which I think is a beautiful name!! So when I saw Suyin, I thought it would be fun to bring her home, as Eunju, to the Doll House. I love her! 

The second doll I got I got for a couple of reasons... What drew me to her, to be totally honest, was her accessories!! I mean, look at that little Robot!?!? Look at the steampunk goggles!! I almost would've paid $18 for them alone because oh my cute!! Then I took a closer look at the doll and realized she was gorgeous as well!! She looked a whole lot like my friend Kristi. So, that is who she will be. I actually already had a doppelganger Kristi but she was one of the first dolls I named after a real person and the reason I named that doll Kristi is because she looked just like Kristi's son and I wanted to have a doll representing Kristi in the house so... That's why she got that name. So I am going to re-name that doll Jordan instead and this doll will be my new Kristi. Clear as mud? As with my Leanne Doll, I find that my dolls named after people sometimes evolve from their original inception. Haha. So new Kristi is born! It's perfect that she arrived in a lab coat because real Kristi is a nurse! 

When I was contemplating what 'third' doll I might get I found this OG Deluxe Doll Reese on sale for only $22.99! Her regular price is $34.99! Ironically enough I found an OG Reese the same day I found the Gotz Doll I have since sent on to live with Goofy in Korea. So... I had a fun thought! I should buy the Reese Doll and send her on to Frann!! Then we can have yet another twinsy doll set! Perfect! 

Here is a close-up of Kristi's eyes (Blanca) with her glasses off. They are so pretty!!

The outfit she arrived in was so adorable but, like most dolls, she was eager to get out of her 'meet outfit' since she'd literally been sewn into it since she was 'born'. Since Kristi loves dogs...

She naturally chose the Snoopy hoody, a cute skirt and a different set of boots. 

Meanwhile Eunju saw the second outfit that arrived with Reese and asked if anyone would mind if she would be the first to wear it. Of course no one would mind... The dolls all get along very well and everyone knows they'll get a turn to wear whatever item comes along at some point or another. That's the nice thing about the Doll House Closet is that everyone shares everything!

I think this outfit is adorable!!

The doll I had gotten before had been re-named Maurine, or Mo' for short, after another real friend of mine... When I first got her I thought that her bangs had been cut by a child into otherwise all one length hair. I'd admired that they'd done such a good job actually! So then it turns out that she was made that way. How funny! The new Reese, her bangs are actually all 'stiff' like they have a ton of hair gel in them or something. I am sure it's so they'll display well in the box and once they are brushed, will be just like the rest of her hair, which is pretty. OG does a great job considering the price point! 

Mo' went and put on her identical dress so they could be actual twins! She even pulled her hair in to ponytails! It's going to be so much fun to have another twin doll with Frann!

Better run!
Have a great Saturday!!

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