Saturday, April 22, 2017

American Girl Today Accessories Thrift Shop Score Part Two!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

As you may have read if you read Part One of this story, the other day I found some fantastic, perfectly preserved and cared for American Girl Doll Accessories at a Thrift Store. I was so impressed that the original owner, whoever she was, took such meticulous care of her things, even keeping the packaging it came in and such. My only puzzle was that there was just one 'bag' of these amazing doll items at the store. Shouldn't there be more? Surely she'd had more in her collection...? So I went back to the store two days later to look again. 

I was so stoked I did because, sure enough, there was more!! They had bags of clothes and one more of accessories & hangers, I just hadn't seen them! They were all marked $6.98 a bag and, luckily for me because perhaps it is why they were still not sold, it was kind of hard to tell what they were. Also, no matter what it is, $6.98 in a Thrift Store is one of the 'higher' prices and so that's the only reason they were likely still there. I went a little nuts and bought seven bags! Luckily the fabulous woman who works there and I have become friends and she gave me a bit of a break on each bag since I was buying so many. Woot!! I was so excited to see what was in the bags, that I totally forgot to even take a photo of all the bags pre-opening when I got them home. Sorry about that! However, here is what was in the bags all sorted into what I thought the original ensembles might have been. All the accessories you see that I didn't get the other day were in the 'accessories' bag of the seven I got.

My favorite was this one. After a bit of research I found an amazing source of information on American Girl Doll clothes and so found out from this page that it is called the Flower Power Outfit and it was released in 2001 for an original cost of $24. All the pieces were there and in perfect shape with no stains or holes. Amazing!! I love the clogs!! I was wrong about the hair elastics going with this ensemble though. Apparently they came with the School Accessories set that also included the cute beanie I found the other day as well as the cute jewelry and purse. I'm not sure what the little flower shaped brush is yet... I will keep researching that. 

So naturally I had to dress Heather Doll in the outfit immediately! Isn't she cute?! I would totally wear this outfit in real life. 

I just love this set! It's like it was chosen just for me it's so perfect. 

Had it not been for the clogs in that first set, this one might have been my favorite. From the same website I found out that it was also released in 2001 and was called the Denim Jumper outfit. It came with just the jumper and the flowered shirt and again, it was in perfect shape. So naturally Frann Doll had to be the model for this one. 

I was guessing and so I thought the cute flowered hair ponytail holders I got in the accessories I got the other day went with this set. However, I discovered that they were also a part of a different ensemble you'll see below. I think they look super cute on Frann with this outfit though! Don't they just?

Next I have this set... It's actually missing the pants which leads me to believe perhaps I missed part of the collection but otherwise it's the entire set from 1999's Drawstring Cargos & Plaid Shirt set that also included the cute sneakers I got in the accessories in that first grab bag I bought the other day.

So here are Josh Doll and Vito Doll modeling them for you. Josh has on the great plaid shirt and sneakers and Vito is wearing the t-shirt, hat and hoodie. Aren't they handsome?

Off they go to ride skateboards!!

The next set I got part of the other day, the scrunchie you see in the photo came in the accessories bag I got then. The set also included the white slippers that Lilly Doll modeled the other day,  some wrist guards and some flowers but I didn't realize when I took this photo they were part of this set. It is called the Gymnastic Set and was also released in 2001 and was $30.00 originally. 

I realized after I took these photos what the wrist guards were but I figured out too late what they were so Sueretta isn't modeling them. I'll come back and show them to you when I get a moment to take a photo of them. Isn't she cute in the leotard and slippers!! 

Here she is in the windbreaker and pants. I love love love the trophy and am so glad I got it with the set. It may very well be my favorite part of the entire find!!

This is the outfit that the hair elastics that Frann is wearing above came with. I got the shoes in the original accessories bag and they match it perfectly. It is actually missing a white shirt that came to go underneath the tank top but is in perfect shape as well. Again, this one was released in 2001 and was called the Picnic Time Outfit and originally cost $20.00. I'm still not sure what the terry cloth item is but guessed it came with this set...? I was wrong so I am still researching that item. Do you know what it is?

Isn't it adorable on Lilly Doll?! The bracelet she is wearing was part of the accessories I got the other day and I love it! It was originally part of the 'school accessories' set with the beanie and such.  

This outfit blew my mind. It is in perfect condition... Literally, I bet it was only put on a doll a few times because there were no snags in the tights and that's unheard of. The funny little fairy shoes came with the stuff the other day. Ironically enough, I have a pair just like them I got off eBay a while ago! They are one of those AG items you can find on eBay a lot if you look, I just had no idea this is the set they originally came with. It was released in 2002 and was called the Wood Fairy Costume with an original cost of $24.00. The flowers actually came with the Gymnastic's Set but I thought this was like a 'recital' costume so assumed the flowers came with it since the colors were so closely matched. 

I thought Stephanie Doll would be the perfect model for this one! Isn't she beautiful in it!!

I love love love it. one of the nicest costumes I own and it's going to be so great for Halloween this year!!

Here are the rest of the accessories I got in the accessories bag I got. Actually, the little cards with 'buttons' on them were in each bag, one per bag, which I thought was a really nice touch on the behalf of the thrift store!! Well done! Totally like new, the girl only used one or two of the buttons. The other accessories are from Josefina set and like I said with the little lamp I got the other day, I think I'll post them on eBay. Sometimes replacement parts can fetch a few dollars and it'd be nice to re-coup some of what I spent on the rest of these amazing clothes! Right? 

Wasn't this one of the best thrift store scores ever?!?!

Out of time for now! 
Till next time!