Sunday, April 16, 2017

East Egg Hunt At The Doll House!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!
Happy Easter! 

I've been wanting to put together a Doll House Egg Hunt outside for a few weeks now... Sadly, the weather and timing never cooperated very well! So, yesterday, knowing time was short, I just went for it! I took a group of the dolls outside in my yard and set up an Easter Egg Hunt for them. It was quite a lot of fun honestly, although oftentimes tricky trying to get the dolls to all stand up and pose at the same time without one or two of them falling over before I could capture a photo. I just plain get a kick out of it when I get 'realistic' looking photos and so being nit-picky helps to get good ones. However, I went out to set up about 7:00AM and needed to be done by 8:30AM so that honestly helped me too, allowing me to let a few things be 'just good enough'. Otherwise I'd have probably have tried to make everything absolutely perfect, like getting the leaves out of the bushes and whatnot. I am rambling... What do you find to be your 'challenges' when you're taking doll photos? 

Here are Frann Doll and Heather Doll ready to go hunting for eggs. It was Frann Doll's first Easter Egg Hunt and she was so excited to find some eggs!

Cat Doll found an egg!

Gasper Doll found one inside the rain gutter! Clever girl!!

This photo is kind of an odd edit but I wanted to get everyone in the photo! From left to right we have: Suzi Doll (AG Wellie), Lilly Doll (AG in white dress), Saila Doll (Maplelea in apple dress), Sueretta Doll (Adora in pink sweater), Annie (OG Custom in blue), Frann (LOTUS in white), Heather (Madame Alexander in white), Gasper (Custom AG in red) and Cat (LOTUS  in white). 

Here is Suzi surrounded by a lot of eggs!! Where to start?!

Saila and Sueretta are having a great time! Sueretta brought along her Easter Day Stuffed animal to the hunt... It was perfect that she got a lion! She's always loved them!

You'll have to excuse the 'not all the green' grass in my yard. This was in my side yard and it doesn't get as much sun as the rest and so the grass hadn't woken up yet! Haha. April in the midwest! 

Here's Annie posing by the Easter Bunny!

Sueretta found the Golden Egg almost immediately! Clever girl!

Everyone had so much fun... We finally stopped taking photos and the dolls cleared the yard of eggs! We forgot to take after photos unfortunately! All in all it was a great, albeit fast, Easter Egg Hunt! Did you go on any egg hunts yourself? I hope you have a great Easter!!

Till Next Time!


Sueretta got so excited she found the golden egg (see it there in the bushes?) that she fell right over!!

Here are the dolls all packed up in my huge doll carrying bag... I can fit a lot of dolls in it and so it's a great bag for group doll photos outside! 



  1. The doll bag is a wonderful idea. Your pics are so cute. I "think" of having photo shoots, but here in Vancouver it has rained non-stop for a very long time. In fact we've had 8 days out of the past 60 days where it hasn't rained so you can see I have a Big Problem.

    1. Hi hi hi Loretta!! That is a lot of rain!! That's why I ended up getting quite a few 'backdrops' off eBay because a goodly portion of the year here it's pretty tough to get out. Not to mention doll photos outside are a bit tricky even in good weather! LOL Wind and uneven ground and whatnot. Still fun to try when opportunity presents! I'll hope you get some beautiful days soon to take dollies out for photos. I love your doll photos too! They always make me smile. Dolls are just magic like that for me and always have been. :) So nice to have friends, finally, who also feel that way!! I'll try to get back to answer the rest of your sweet comments later but sadly my early morning blogging time has come to an end and it's time to go herd the cats.. I mean wake the kids and get them to school. LOLThen work. I am taking a dolly along today though in hopes of getting a few photos after work so wish me luck!! <3

    2. PS Thanks for all your sweet comments! They make the blog writing so much more fun. :)