Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Adora Dolls Arrive At The Doll House!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Ever since I got my first Adora doll I have loved them! They are made so well and are so pretty... I got that first one second hand but my second Adora doll I was lucky enough to find new on eBay for a good price. However, I figured those would be my only Adora dolls because the newer ones retail for $69.99 and since I already owned two, buying another one at that price seemed a bit much...

Fast forward to about a week ago when a friend in a doll group on Facebook posted to say that Adora Friends 18 Inch Dolls were on clearance for less than $30, I had to go check it out. Sure enough, there they were, less than half price. In what can only be called a 'perfect storm' I just happened to be sitting on over $100 of Christmas money I'd gotten as gifts just that week. Uh oh...So I kind of ordered four of them. Teehee. 

I only plan to keep three of them myself though... So that's not excessive, right? Ok... Maybe it is. No matter though, it was MY Christmas money to blow on whatever I wanted, right? So, knowing that in all likelyhood that once they were gone that would be it, I might never see them at this price again. So... I bought one of each of them. I won't lie, I probably would've bought Lola too if she would've been available. She has always been a favorite but lets be honest, they are all gorgeous!

The thing about Adora dolls is that, quality wise, they really give American Girl and the other more expensive 18inch dolls a run for their money. They are made extremely well. I plan to come back and give a better review of them and compare them with the older type of Adora doll because the newer ones are made a bit differently than the ones I already had. They don't have the 'seam' that holds the chest plate on anymore for instance. I found this YouTube Review from ShelbriAG that shows them really well. She'd found them on sale as well. I am not sure if Adora is going to discontinue making these beautiful dolls but I can't think of any other reason for them to be on sale at less than half of the original price? Did I mention it was also free shipping? Madness! I've shipped dolls before and to ship them costs like $20 usually, at the cheapest. So it's almost like they're giving them away?! How could I not buy a bunch? Hahaha!

One thing I will say about how they displayed them in the box... They are off on the side quite a bit and you can't really see their beautiful faces?! I couldn't seem to get a good photo of them in their boxes no matter where I put the light. Also, when I saw them for sale before I'd always thought that the 'bright colored highlight' they show in photos of doll on websites were permanent. I wasn't sure what I thought of that but crazy colored hair is kind of becoming more normal. I mean I do have a My Life As Doll Hairdresser doll that has a pretty blue stripe in her hair. So... I was ready for it to be permanent and how they were made. After I ordered them, though, I watched that video review and realized that it was just an extension you could put in or take out as you wanted. Even better!

I am sure by now you're like "You said you ordered four but I only see three?" Well, I also ordered Mia but she hasn't arrived yet. Then I also mentioned I am only keeping three. Well, as it turns out my niece was born this last month and her name is Alyssa. So when I saw that the doll with blonde hair and blue eyes (just like my niece!) I knew I had to buy her to tuck away for when the real Alyssa is older. So she probably won't even leave her box for a few years. I've told my sister in law to save her little baby clothes so I can make Alyssa Doll some clothes to send with her when she finally gets gifted. I am thinking when she's four or five... Which will be gone in a blink! Kids grow up so fast. 

Here is the photos on back of box. Pretty cute outfits they make too... They were also on sale for $9.99 marked down from regularly $29.99 but I have a lots of doll clothes and I decided to spend my cash on the dolls themselves. The clothing I've gotten with the dolls is top notch though so it is a pretty great price for top quality clothes. 

I wanted to get better photos of Alyssa but like I said, her box kind of hid her pretty face in shadows. Maybe I'll open box just to take a better photo at some point but I want her to stay 'new' so I might not too...?

They are pretty easy to get out of the box. Just a few twist ties and a few snips of thread that is holding their hair in a nice style and they are outta the box! That was a Gracie and Mommy Show reference there. Have you ever watched them? I've been watching a few years now and I just love them. They do all manner of toys but they have great reviews on 18inch dolls and comparisons of different sorts. If you've never seen them you should definately check them out. 

The back of Kayla's hair was parted in a cute part and put in ponies to keep it nice in the box. 

I loved the way Mia's hair looked in the ponies and so think I'll leave them in a while...

But Kayla's hair I took down right away. So pretty!!! 

I am not going to keep the names they came with... I always like to re-name my dolls. I haven't decided for sure what I will name them yet... I have a few ideas but nothing that feels just 'right' yet. I'll keep you posted!

So of course I had to change their clothes! I put Kayla in the beautiful pink sweater from Frann along with a pink dress I bought for my dear daughters very first 18inch doll. Then Jasmine I wanted to dress in something to match her cute ribbons and this little ensemble with the white fur coat is what I came up with. Don't they look smashing!! 

Well that's it for now Doll Friends! I'll naturally post about Mia when she arrives. I wrote the company about her today because I actually ordered her first so I am not sure why she hasn't come yet. I am sure she'll be here soon. 

Better run!
Till Next Time!

Update June 9, 2018:

Just figured I'd add that they are named Fongtan and Sueretta. I actually decided to just steal the names of the prior version Adora Dolls I had because, to be honest, while I had thought the first version was beautiful, this version is even prettier. Since I loved the two gals I named the original two after, I decided I'd just change them. The first two Adora's have gone on to become Frank and Claretta. Although, Claretta has recently gone under yet another make-over and now has a rainbow wig. I'm telling you, dolls in my Doll House are never safe from a make-over. Teehee. 💞 

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