Sunday, January 29, 2017

Castle Photography Backdrop From eBay!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Monday morning already! I usually get a lot of my blog posts posted on Sunday because I have more free time then but alas, yesterday my son was sick and I was feeling a bit poorly in the later part of the day and so I mostly just did 'other' things for my blog when I felt up to it, like photography and changing dolls clothes who are due for a fresh outfit and such. My not feeling well manifested itself in a head ache and something about screen time and headaches don't mix well. Am feeling much better this morning though and the good news is my 'other' work yesterday yielded about five drafts that now just need to be written. 

One good thing about my wanting to do 'other' work is that one of the things I did was to dig into my desk drawers in my doll room and sort out what I have in them. Oftentimes I'll get a 'doll item' in the mail, look it over and then tuck it into the drawers to pull out at the right time to photograph or use in a specific scene or what-have-you...

So last June I got a really nifty Hobbit House Photography Background from eBay and, at the time, kind of became obsessed about them (Who me? Never...!? lol ) and ordered another one then. However, as you may know, when you order something on eBay that is coming from overseas, you often don't get it for four to six weeks from the time of purchase. So I apparently got this cute background in July or early August and, by that time, I attention was elsewhere and so into the drawer it went. Untill this weekend... I pulled it out and was like "Why haven't I ever used this adorable background??" I immediately unfolded it, hooked it to a display board and took a photo of it with Grace V as my model! It was really wrinkled from being folded but even still I knew it was going to be adorable and perfect for the dolls once I got it ironed. 

Here it is after I ironed it (on low heat with the photo side down). As you can see, I just sort of layed it over the tri-sided carboard display board and held it in place with a clothespin. I also put a hard floor board under the black and white 'floor' of the backdrop where they are standing so the dolls would have good footing and be able to stand well. 

Since I bought it so long ago, I wasn't able to find the original listing on eBay of this particular purchase and find out what I paid for it. However, knowing myself, I am sure it was about $5 including shipping. Being me, after setting it up and remembering how cute they can be, I decided to buy a couple more. I am getting the forest scene so I can do 'camping' photos and the graffitti just because it'll be a fun backdrop.

Here are Lisa (Lotus) and Pam (Espari) all dressed up in their finery and ready to walk to the Ball at the Castle on the magical black and white path...

Here is Hemalayaa (Journey Girl) in a gorgeous dress and fur, waiting for her girlfriends to arrive so they can walk up together... 

Here's Aliyah (Espari) in a beautiful blue gown. Hemalayaa took a photo of her while they were waiting for Karen to show up...

Oh here is Karen (custom Journey Girl) all dressed up in pink!

All ready to walk up the path together.... The Ball is going to be so much fun!!

Have fun girls! If you're wanting to find this background for your dollies, here is a listing on eBay for the same one. I am not sure if it's the same exact seller as I bought it from but it seems the seller has decent enough feedback. (Or just search 'Photography backgrounds 3x5 and you'll find oodles of different ones too) 

Here is Cat (Lotus) Frann (Lotus) and Heather (Madame Alexander) all ready for the Ball themselves!!

Don't they look pretty! What would your favorite thing about attending a fancy Ball be? 

Better run! Hope you have a great week!

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