Friday, January 6, 2017

New "My Life As Doll" 18inch Doll Accessory Sets At Walmart!

Hi Doll Friends!

Went by Walmart yesterday when out running errands... Figured I'd run by the My Life As Doll Section... You know... Just to look... *giggles*

What did I find there? New accessory sets!!! Now I wasn't kidding when I said I really just ran by there to look. I am supposed to be reigning in my 'doll spending' for at least a few months after the windfall of dolls and doll things I've gotten from my birthday in November and then Christmas last month. So when I went back there I said to myself "You can only look... Or maybe you can get one pair of $3 shoes if they have a style you don't have yet"

Then I saw the new sets! I wanted one of each of them! Uh oh...

So I decided I'd allow myself to choose just one. I'd planned go get a burger at a fast food joint and thought "If I have a salad at home instead after errands, it'll practically pay for this $7.95 priced set!" Yes, that is how my mind works. I am right though, eh? A fast food meal costs about $8 if you go to the more decent places. So that's what I did. The salad was better for me anyway. Right? Haha.

They really are all super cute. I love the fitness set because we love yoga in the Doll House and it comes with a yoga mat. 

I also noticed this new doll in their line... I love her dress! I kind of laughed at her 'job' though. Wedding planner? These are supposed to be children dolls right? "They're just babies!!" So I thought it kind of a strange occupation for a doll. Then again I guess they have veternarian dolls and I don't see a lot of 10-12 year old vets either so. I didn't really notice her at the time but if you look to the left of her, the blonde in the pineapple swim suit is also a new one I think. I could totally dig being in her 'occupation' though! I want to grow up and be a 'Beach Vacationer!" Eh? All kidding aside, cute new dolls!

I can't recall having seen them have doll carrying bags before? Perhaps I'd just never seen them in the stores I went to? In any case, I think they are pretty sturdy looking and I love that they have wheels. I have begun to think about getting one of these sorts of bags for when I take the dolls out on photo shoots. Now I just use a tote bag but they often get their hair all messed up when I take them in one and I think this would keep them stable and secure when I am taking them out. So maybe someday...

I also noticed that the food truck was marked down! I don't really want one because I already have too little space for too many doll things... LOL! But it's a good price for someone who wants one.

Another end cap of the dolls... See the brunette in the pineapple suit? I don't know how I missed noticing them when I took photo. I almost wish they would sell just that suit because it's super cute and I really don't need another My Life As Doll.

Well, I just noticed the time and I have an appointment to have coffee with a friend on FaceTime so I have to skeedaddle!!

More soon!

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