Friday, January 13, 2017

Melissa & Doug Victoria Ballerina Doll Thrift Store Score!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

Happy Friday the 13th! Hope that it ends up being the luckiest day of the year so far... Speaking of luck? As luck would have it, as I was leaving town after work yesterday, I stopped in to Goodwill. You know... Just to see what I might find. 

When who do I see on the toy shelf, fully clothed with even her ballet shoes?? This lovely little 14inch doll made by Melissa & Doug! I've admired and had this doll on my wish list at Amazon for over a year now but she never quite made it into my cart due to my putting other dolls ahead of her in queue. On my wish list I had the brunette Victoria and I guess I didn't realize that she was also manufactured as a blonde and as a ginger as well. They all are named Victoria as best as I can tell... Although you likely know that the one that I brought home wasn't going to keep that name. What can I say? I like to re-name my dolls for the most part. Only one or two who've arrived with a name have kept it out of the, well, large amount of dolls I have living in the Doll House. Teehee. Do you like to re-name your dolls?

Here is the most amazing part of my find... She was marked only 99cents! Awesomeness!! The second most amazing part? It's like someone took her out of the box and put her directly into their Goodwill donation and drove her to the store. Why do I say that?

Well as I took her hair out of the scrunchie she was wearing (That is part of the 'meet outfit') I saw that her original hair bands hadn't ever been removed! What?! Who can even do that?! To get a brand new doll and not even brush her hair once before you give her away? Can't even imagine it, eh?

As you saw if you clicked on the linky, she is price pointed at about $30.00. So I got a really amazing deal on her. I literally paid less for her than the sales tax would've cost to purchase her on Amazon. (Because after the first of the year, they started applying sales tax to Amazon purchases. Boohoo! I digress.....) 

This is what her original box would've looked like. 

I don't know what you know about Melissa and Doug toys but they are generally top notch stuff. This doll is no different. I can tell just by holding her and picking her up that she's made to withstand real play from a child. She reminds me a lot of the American Girl Wellie Wishers. I didn't have much time to look her over last night but I'll hope today presents me with some time to do a comparison. Obviously even the full price of this doll is half of that of a Wellie Wisher. So this could be a good option for someone who's looking for a doll of comperable size and quality but at a more affordable price. Or it would make a good 'sister' or 'friend' doll to a Wellie Wisher if you're looking for one. 

They also have a Celeste doll that comes in a different outfit but as best as I can tell has the same face sculpt. So another option to think of if you're looking at them and the girl you're buying one for would like a princess gown over a ballet ensemble. 

So I am super stoked to have found her and to find her brand new with her entire meet outfit, what a score! I'll try and get back here soon to give you a better look at her. 

Till Next Time!

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  1. I have a couple of these dolls in my collection as well, both picked up on different Goodwill shopping trips. Mine were in "played with" condition, so not nearly as perfect as yours, but still lovely nonetheless. You're right...they feel like really, nice quality dolls. Their vinyl has a sturdy feel to it, and the hair is thick and pretty, similar to the Corolle Les Cheries dolls. Not sure if mine will stay in my collection or be put on Ebay soon...there are only so many dolls that I can keep! But in the meanwhile, they are darling to look at.