Sunday, January 15, 2017

Melissa & Doug 14 Inch Doll Compared To Wellie Wisher Doll!

Hi Doll Friends!

Nearly out of time to write this morning but wanted to show you the Melissa & Doug 14 inch Doll I got the other day compared to my Wellie Wisher doll. 

Here they are side by side. The Melissa & Doug doll is marketed as a 14 inch doll but when you stand her next to the Wellie Wisher, she looks shorter? They are wearing each others respective 'Meet Outfits' and are able to swap clothes pretty easily... The Melissa & Doug dolls feet were too large for Wellie Wisher boots though. 

I didn't want to leave the purple outfit on my Wellie Wisher too long because unfortunately it had left stains on a good portion of the Melissa & Doug dolls body. It looks like she has dreadful bruises all over her!! Poor dear! So I just left her in it long enough for photos and then changed her into something else. 

I couldn't find the little pink crown that came on my Wellie and so I put the hat on the Melissa & Doug doll because her hair was kind of wild from having been in bands for so long... I will likely need to hot dip her if I want her hair to calm down! It's pretty hair, plugged and nice feeling. 

After I got Suzi (what I named my Wellie) changed, they had some fruit smoothies in the kitchen with the My Life As Doll Smoothie Set

I think they will make great friends and sisters in the doll house! So if you're looking for a companion for your Wellie Wisher from another source, this doll would make a good choice!

Till Next Time!

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  1. Heather, I'm enjoying your doll posts. I keep your blog tab open and refresh it each day or else I'd forget to come here. I love your doll house you created; it looks so real!