Thursday, January 19, 2017

Vintage Gi Go Palm Pal Expressions 8 Inch Baby Siblings for American Girl Dolls

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

It's been a really busy week at work this past and it's not left me much time to post blogs or play dolls. HoHum!! Just came here to post this and realized I'd posted it 'in the raw' and with just photos instead of hitting 'save as draft' too. So... If you happened by when this blog post was just photos, I do apologize! 

With all that being said, on to the dolls... As I was writing this recent post about the Baby Sitting Club at the Doll House I searched and searched my old postings in vain to see if I could find a posting about these cute little baby dolls I kind of became obsessed with this past summer but... I guess I must've just become obsessed with them and didn't think to mention it on the blog? Who knows... But as they say, better late than never, right?

I found my first Gi Go Palm Pal Expressions doll sometime last summer at a Garage Sale for like 50cents. I must confess I originally just picked it up because I wanted the outfit they had on for my other baby sibling dolls for the Doll House. My husband saw that doll and said "I think that is the ugliest doll I've ever seen!" Because the thing about these dolls, I think, is that you either love them or you hate them. I have always loved them... I just get a kick out of their quirky little faces and funny little expressions. I also love that some of the babies look sad or upset because, well, that's pretty genuine to the real deal. Babies get upset, a lot.

So here is my current collection. I got like five of them in a lot on eBay at some point for like $10 (plus shipping) and have otherwise picked them up here and there for a $1 or less. I would just sort of pick them up and add them to the little shelf I kept by baby dolls on. 

Here is a photo (above) of what they look like in comparison, size wise, to other 'baby siblings' in the doll house. 

Then I decided to photograph them each one by one so you can see their cute faces. As you can see on the baby (above) this baby had a run in at some point with an accident because her little toes on the right are a bit disfigured. 

Still, she's one of my favotires because she just looks happy. 

I am a bit embarrased to admit this but I guess I never gave these babies a proper cleaning up when they arrived. As I was photographing them and then looking at the photos, I realized they were a bit dirty! So... I have them set aside and plan to give them a proper cleaning with a Norwex Enviro cloth later today. In the meanwhile, I knew if I stopped photographing at that point they'd end up back on the shelf with no blog post about them afterall. So... I photo'd them as is. So, don't judge ok? LOL Real babies get dirty faces too, right? 

This one just looks so funny!! She's like "What?!"

This poor little girlie isn't too happy at all...

Neither is this little girl... I think they're siblings? I had the one with the tag on and left it on there so you could see it but I've since removed it finally. Poor dear went along with that tag for like two decades. No wonder she's cranky!! I'm not sure if you can tell but some of the babies that are unhappy have permanent 'tears' on their cheeks... Cute touch!

Can you see her tears? Poor baby!

This clown one I wasn't sure if I even wanted to buy... Because clowns give me the creeps in real life. But a baby clown, I decided, is cute. I plan to pull this baby out more at Halloween time because they are already in their costume! 

Pretty cute!

This little fella looks hungry. Haha.

Another unhappy baby... But cute anyway!

This little guy (above) even has a bit of a runny nose... Totally accurate with real babies too! Always needing a tissue, some of them.

This is another of my faorites... Maybe because this one looks the tiniest bit like my husband did as a baby. 

This little darling too is a favorite... She just looks so happy!

It kind of amazes me how many face sculpts they must've created for this doll line... I don't even think I have a very large collection compared to how many were produced.

These little dolls are about 8inches tall, have 'bean bag' bodies with a vinyl face, arms and legs. They sit really well because of the way they are made. As far as I know they were produced in the 1990s. You can find them pretty easily on the second hand market, oftentimes 'brand new' as someone might've just collected them and never played with them might be clearing their collection. Fun!

Isn't she cute! Which is your favorite? Let me know in comments. Have you ever seen this dolls in person? Perhaps you collect too? I'd love to see photos of yours!

Better run!
Till Next Time!

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  1. I have never seen these dolls. They are certainly quite different! I like the one smiling wearing the blue daisy dress.