Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Queen's Treasures Cake & Cookie Set for the Doll House!

Hi Doll Friends!!

I've been meaning to come and tell you about these cute Queen's Treasures Doll Cakes and Cookies Set I got with some Christmas money last month... 

By way, I do tend to spend every cent of my mad money on doll items and so I realize it must seem like I get them constantly, especially at Christmas time! LOL Mind you though I am super thrifty in nearly every other aspect of my life... I buy my clothes second hand, albeit all very lovely and practically new at 2nd hand shoppes for next to nothing cost wise. (I can't tell you how often I get a basket full of clothes for $5 at my most local thrift store! Who can pay full price and not cringe?! I digress) I am never one to go out for fancy coffees or to get my nails done or that manner of thing. Not that there is anything wrong with any of that! Just explaining my constant instream of Dolly items being the fruit of all my fun money that I get from cutting corners elsewhere if that makes sense. Teeheehee. 

Back to the cakes... I got a set of Queen's Treasure's Cupcakes last October and thought they were so pretty and top notch. So when I found a sale on a set that included those same four cupcakes, a set of four other smaller cupcakes, as 'cake' and a cookie set when I also happened to have that much money burning a hole in my pocket from my Christmas money I had to buy them, right?

Please excuse these photos. I decided to photograph them at night and the light isn't hte greatest... As you can see though, they are very cute and each came with a 'bakery box' to put together to store the treats in. 

Here is the back of the packages. From what I can tell from the Queen's Treasures website, they must not have this large set for sale anymore? I can only find the cupcakes and cookies separately and can't find the cake itself at all. Perhaps they just ran out and will bring them back when they make more?

They all came packaged in a plastic tray that holds them well but those trays do not fit in the boxes once they are put together... So I didn't keep them, just the boxes.

I know I already had three of these but six is a nicer amount, eh? When I set up the Sweet Shoppe again, I'll need to have mulitples that would make sense in a bakery setting, right? 

The cookies are adorable! Love the Gingerbread men!

I haven't gotten nearly as many photos of them 'in the house' as I would like but I am sure you'll see them a lot in upcoming postings... I just love doll food! So much fun!! What is your favorite of the little sets I got?

Better run! 
Till Next Time!

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