Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Custom Boy From Thrifted Battat 2002 Doll

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

This week has flown by! I can't believe it's already Thursday? Hope this finds you having had a lovely week and looking forward to a wonderful weekend! While I was in town on Tuesday for work, I decided to stop into Goodwill while enroute home. I had a Goodwill Gift Certificate from a friend (who knows me so well! Thanks Beth!) burning a hole in my pocket afterall!

Here is the before and after! Isn't it amazing how much different a doll can look just with a bit of cleaning up and a new wig? It amazes me just a little bit every time I do a make-over. 

I tell you, just when you think you have seen all the different sculpts from a doll company, along comes one that you've never seen before! This one is stamped "Battat 2002" and its the first one I've ever seen anywhere, even on eBay! That is saying something because, trust me, I've been looking pretty closely at dolls for a few years now. Haha. However, sometimes I guess it's just knowing a thing exists that makes it easier to find. Because when I came home and Googled "2002 Battat" and looked at the images, sure enough, I saw two or three there. 

This little sweetie was only marked $1.99 and I knew that her cute little (reversable I think?) jacket was worth that so I snatched her up the minute I saw her. 

Her hair was an absolute hot mess. I knew I wasn't even going to bother taking it out of its ponytail holder... I mean it might have been fixable but I knew already that I wanted to re-wig irregardless and so why even try it, eh?

Here is the back of her hair. How do people let dolls get in such a state? Not trying to be judgy but it's hard seeing a doll with such ill cared for hair. I suppose maybe she was a favorite doll and got carried everywhere? I'll just think of it that way, that she was 'loved too much', kind of like the "Velveteen Rabbit" or something. She was also rather dirty... So it must've been from being carried all over on adventures. Right?

Here is her sticker. I love Thrift Stores! It's like a real live treasure hunt every single time I walk in the door. You can barely buy a cup of coffee for $1.99 now! Then people wonder why I have too many dolls. It's not my fault!! Hahaha!

Her body was in pretty good shape... Although her head is the tiniest bit wobbly, also from being carried all over I suspect. I think I will likely remove her head and give her a bit more stuffing in that area to make her more steady. I cleaned her up with a Norwex Enviro cloth (Really one of best ways I've found to clean dolls! No chemicals to worry about and they've cleaned all but ink off of dolls in the past. I have a specific one I use only for dolls even though from what I understand, I could clean the toilet and then clean a doll and the germs would all stay in the cloth... But... Ewww... Hahaha! I digress... But Norwex is great for cleaning dolls. No, I don't sell it, I just endorse products I love.)

All this time I've been using female pronouns because she hadn't gone through transition yet. Going forward I'll refer to him as a him though because that was next step in his journey...

Here he is! I think he looks amazing as a boy! Like he was made to be one or something! Do you agree?

I haven't decided what to name him yet although I have a few ideas. 

I dressed him in one of my favorite 'boy doll' clothing items... A Nebraska Huskers letter jacket from Build-A-Bear. (Or actually mine came from a Garage Sale but that's where you buy them new).

I think he's great! It's so much fun to do doll makeovers! I am going to have to update my boy doll collection photos again now though. Haha. 

Better run!
Till Next Time!


  1. I found a box back from Battat that i've held onto since around 2002, it was from a Battat brand oufit for a doll line they called "designer girl". The dolls pictured look very much like your gentleman here. what a great find.

  2. Hi there! Thanks! I thought it was a great find too! How fascinating about the box you found! Would you mind showing a photo? I love seeing the original boxes/packaging from things because, as you say, it often has photos of some or all of the original line of toys. I'd love to see it. Isn't it amazing all the variety there is in the 18inch doll market! I love it. Always something new to be found! :) <3