Sunday, April 30, 2017

"My Disney Girl" Doll Makeover! A New Boy Is Born!

Hi Doll Friends!

As a doll blogger, I have a bit of a compulsion... When I discover a line of 18 inch dolls I've never heard of or seen in person, I feel I must find one! Just so I can blog about it, you understand. *Giggles* 

One such doll? There was a line of dolls called the "My Disney Girl" which were apparently sold at Disney theme parks in the 1990s. At least that is what I gather after digging through Google. There really isnt' too much information out there about them. I found this post about 18 inch doll comparisons that mention them and a question about them on a forum but not much else. So I added them to my search engines on eBay. I honestly don't like the look of the most readily available one, the blonde... 

Hold the phone!! As I just googled that doll I found that these dolls are apparently still available for sale? So here is a link to a good description of her and a good photo. I don't really like the look of her though and that price almost made me pass out. This one is a little cuter and this one is actually quite pretty. This thread talks about how sometimes these dolls were handed out at fancy events and there are some great photos of little girls receiving them. (Always a fun moment!!) 

So when my search engines in eBay mined a lot of five dolls for $20 that included not only a "My Disney Girl" doll but one wholly unlike any I'd seen before with a face scult that was quite pretty and unique, I naturally snatched it up!

I brought her home and cleaned her up and she was, indeed, gorgeous. Sadly, for whatever reason, I just didn't 'connect' with her though. (Is that a strange thing to say?) I couldn't ever figure out what to name her and she started to collect dust. So, she went into the pile of dolls to be reconsidered. When I finally had my little epiphany that, from that pile, since I was casting them out, I could kind of take free reign with them and make them over as I saw fit. What did I have to lose, right? So I pulled this little beauty out and gave her a look over. It was when I pulled her hair back to see what she might look like as a boy that I knew that was it. She would make a better boy doll than a girl doll!!

So as has become my habit when I make over a girl doll into a boy, I decided to try my hand at cutting his hair myself. I have gotten more and more bold doing this. I go in thinking "If I mess up I can always buy a wig". I have observed real hair stylists and how they go about it in layers, from underneath to the top, and I just do that. I ponytail the top portions and cut from the bottom up. I cut it a bit on the long side at first because you can always trim more but you can't glue it back on and I slowly shape the hair cut. I find it much easier to do when the doll's original haircut has bangs for some reason? In any case, that is how I went about cutting this little fellas hair and, if I do say so myself, I think it turned out perfectly!!!

I am honestly so delighted with how it came out! As you'll read about in an upcoming post, I went through a bit of a 'freckle frenzy' on Friday (Hahaha. I'll have to name the blog post that!) and since I'd just cut his hair, I decided to add a few little freckles to this fella as well. 

He is just so cute!! 

So naturally I am keeping him. My whole purpose in wanting to weed out the dolls is because I didn't think it was fair to any doll to sit and collect dust in it's hair from lack of play. I mean, isn't that the saddest! To be the doll who's shelved and always observing every other doll in the room go on all the fun adventures? What kind of life is that?

So I am pretty sure this little fella will never get dust in his hair... Problem solved! Ha!

Better run get ready for church!
Have a fabulous Sunday (or whatever day you're reading this!)

Twin Engel Puppe Doll Boys Makeovers! Meet Aubrey and Adam!

Hi Doll Friends,

As I've mentioned in my most recent blog post I am trying to either purge some of my dolls that never get played with or make them over into dolls I love more which will make me play with them more. If that makes sense. So... One of my dolls that never got played with much at all was this Engel Puppen doll I'd given a body transplant to but never really liked the face sculpt of for a girl because she just looked a bit... Um... Stern? In any case I also didn't like her wig because it was such a 1980s hair cut. Can you say mullett? Yikes. So she just sat and collected dust because something about her made me hang on to her. 

Despite having given her a body transplant, I also didn't like the Springfield body I'd given her because they are just not as 'heavy' as Our Generation bodies. So... I took one of my never played with Our Gens and did a second body swap... Then, I pulled off the wig and started trying on and when I put on this light blonde boy wig, I knew why I hadn't liked her as a girl all along. Because she has a boy face!! I don't know how I missed it before but she has the exact same face sculpt as the boy doll that she came with. I also gave that boy doll a body swap with one of my lesser played with OG dolls and now I love them to bits. Aren't they cute!?!? They are twins essentially other than the hair color. I am naming the newer, lighter blonde haired one, Aubrey after my real life brother. He doesn't have a twin but I think he looks a lot like my brother. So, the other boy will be named Adam, after my other brother. I had previously named one of my Tolly Tot dolls Adam but this won't be the first time one of my Doppelganger dolls has gotten an upgrade. Hahaha. Sometimes you just come along a doll that is more authentically like the real person and changes must be made. Right? 

Better run!
Have you customized any dolls? It's kind of addicting I am telling you. 

Till Next Time!

Meet Frann Dolls Husband Frank!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!! 

As I've mentioned in recent blog posts, I've begun to feel like I have a few too many dolls. What!? That's a preposterous notion isn't it? Is there such a thing even? Never! Hahaha. Kidding. I honestly don't really thing there is such a thing as 'too many dolls' honestly. If you have the space, the money and the access to them, you're not hurting anyone, right? It's actually not due to the space or the money that is making me feel like I have 'too many' though. Although, lets get real, space can be a problem when you have over a hundred a lot of dolls! I actually don't know how many I have, I haven't counted in a while... Teehee... No the driving force behind my feeling like perhaps I have too many is that because of that, some of them just sit and collect dust. Literally. I do try to rotate them in and out of the Doll House scenes but I do have favorites (don't tell the dolls!!) and naturally those see more 'play time' than the others. So... I've begun to try and weed some dolls out. Is it silly that I feel kind of guilty every single time I get rid of a doll? Like I am a bad 'Doll Mom' or something. Isn't that silly? I mean I know they're all just made of plastic and fluff but I get attached anyway. Such as the life of a doll fanatic huh? 

So... I started basket of dolls I wasn't totally in love with. Just set them aside at first... You know, to mull over what to do with them. I am the laziest person in the world when it comes to eBay because the parceling up and mailing always seems so difficult to me. So my thought is usually to just donate the dolls to Goodwill because nine  seven (?) times out of ten I will have gotten them at a thrift store anyway. 

One of the dolls I put in the 'pile' of possible orphans was my very first Adora doll. It wasn't that I didn't like her but I had the newer versions Adora dolls and I had to weed someone. I wasn't particularly attached to that doll and since I'd originally named her Fongtan after one of my favorite co-workers, I just stole the name and gave it to the newer Adora Doll that arrived named Jasmine. As I looked at my original Adora though, the more I looked, the more I saw why I wasn't in love with her. Because she would be much more loveable as a boy!! So, I set to work. I decided to just cut his hair myself and see how it came out. If it was horrible, I was planning to order a wig. However, much to my utter surprise and delight, I really love the way his hair came out!! 

Doll Friends meet Frank!! He has come to the Doll House to be Frann Doll's husband and fella. I decided to give him an American name to match Frann Doll's because I a terrified I'll spell his Korean name wrong every single time and I know I'll say it wrong too. I can't have that! I am so happy to have Frank because now Heather Doll and Frann Doll can go on double dates!! Fun!!

Here is the happy couple Frann and Frank. Aren't they fabulous?!?!

Here are Josh Doll and Heather Doll all ready to have a fun chat and coffee on a double date with Frank and Frann. 

Naturally they decided to go to the Sweet Shoppe for a coffee, sweets and a chat.

Say cheese!!

Time flew and soon enough Annie, who was running the Sweet Shoppe because it was Lisa Doll's day off, brought out their Bakery orders to go. 

Josh and Heather had ordered some more of the Strawberry Shortcake Josh had while they were chatting and Frann and Frank ordered a strawberry-rhubarb pie because Josh recommended them and they'd never had one before.

They had such a nice time they decided they must go on double dates more often! Frank told Josh that they would have to go out golfing because that was his favorite hobby.

Here is Heather Doll paying for Josh and Heather's part of the evening.

And here is Frann paying for her and Franks. The girls were treating for the evening because they had helped them with some studying earlier and wanted to do something nice for them. Isn't that sweet?

Naturally the boys carried the boxes because they are gentlemen.

So that wraps up the fun first double date! Everyone had so much fun!

Better run!
Till next time!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Scenes From The Sweet Shoppe!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

The dolls have all been enjoying having the Sweet Shoppe back open for business! There have been new cookiescakescupcakesand candy bars added to the inventory since the last time the Sweet Shoppe was operational. So many delicious treats!!

Lisa loves her little shop and keeps it as neat as a pin. 

Here are some boys in for a sweet treat and a couple of latte's.

Cheers! Who are these boys you ask? Stay tuned to next blog post for their story!

Then Monessa and Shantea came in and got some cute suckers.

Shantea said "I'll treat!"

They ran into the boys and stopped to chat for a moment...

Later Crystal  and Brandi stopped in for a chat and treat as well.

The Sweet Shoppe has such a nice atmosphere they stayed and chatted for over an hour!

Next, Mo and Debbie stopped in...

They were so excited to bump into Brandi and Crystal! They'd been friends for years.

So they sat down to catch up on the latest news! 

Such a great time at the Sweet Shoppe! If you were to visit, which treat would you choose? Tell me in the comments!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cookies From Clay For Doll House Plus Coffee Drinks DIY!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

I don't know about you but sometimes I start a project and set it aside and it gets forgotten about for a while... Well, I do. Clear back in November I created some cookies out of clay from a Playdoh mold I found at a thrift store. They needed to dry for 24 hours so I set them aside... For five months. Hahaha. 

So I finished them up this weekend because I pulled the paint out for another project. I watched a video from the amazing American Girl Ideas about how to make lattes. Inspired, I decided to use half the idea (I am much much too lazy to make cups out of paper! LOL!) and fill a few of my Dollar Tree Tea Set cups with 'coffee' and paint them. Since I had the paints out, I remembered I had a bunch of cookies to paint too!  

Here are my cups filled with hot glue so I can paint it as coffee. I decided to just paint the hot glue with craft paint instead of using the puff paint as coffee.... Then I used white puff paint as 'whip cream' on my coffee's. I also decided to put 'coffee' in a few of the 'ceramic' cups I have too. One thing I hate about taking doll photos of them 'drinking coffee' is that the cups are always empty. Lame! So it'll be so nice to have some 'coffee' in the cups finally!

Being as I got back in the mood for doll food crafting (Watching American Girl Ideas videos will do that do you!) I decided to whip out a few more from the clay too! Gotta have something else to set aside for five months, right? Haha. Kidding! I also decided to make a couple glasses of 'milk' with just white craft glue and a straw put in a couple of communion cups. I don't know why I didn't do it before because they came out so cute! I am going to make more!

When I decided to put some 'milk' into one of the little creamer pitchers... And my puff paint bottle top popped off and made a huge mess. Like she says in the video though, if you mess up you can just wipe up the mess and start over. So I took a baby wipe, wiped away the paint and started over. 

Here are some of the drinks and such I created with the hot glue... You might notice the larger cups filled with 'something'? Well those are a botched idea. I hoped that the hot glue would dry clearer and I put little alphabet noodles in there hoping it would look like noodle soup. No such luck. Sometimes a craft just doesn't come out, eh? So I am not sure what I am going to do with them? I think I'll try to pry out the glue and start over but I am pretty sure it's stuck in there pretty good. So perhaps I'll paint over the top and make them really large coffees?

And here are some of the painted cookies! The chocolate chip cookies, the pink cookies with the cherry on top and the 'nutty bars' in the smaller jar in front are all ones I made from clay. I love how they came out honestly. So fun!

Then these are my 'Oreo' cookies. the white cream filling is white fun foam that I glued in the middle of the two clay Oreo rounds. I think they look awesome! I left two of the Oreos apart so they could have a couple of them open for photo shoots!

These little pink cookies with white flowers are ones I made out of clay... I think they came out so cute!!

So here are Heather Doll and Frann Doll enjoying some cookies and milk! Aren't they adorable!? So I am pretty sure I am going to be making a lot more doll drinks and cookies in the future cos it's so much fun!!

Better run!
Till Next Time!