Monday, November 7, 2016

Playdoh Food Making Toy From Thrift Store!

Hi Doll Friends!!

As you may be able to tell, I am a bit obsessed with doll sized food... It's just so much fun! The only trouble is that doll food that is actually made for doll is rather expensive. Also, generally, even when you find it, you only get about two of each 'kind' of food and... well... I have way too many dolls for two to be enough of anything! Haha.

I've seen friends on Doll Groups on Facebook make doll sized food out of clay... I've tried to do it myself before believe it or not. What? You say... You've never seen me post about it? Because I was dismal at it and all my attempts found their way to the rubbish basket because I am obviously not talented at all when it comes to scuplting clay myself!! So I'd kind of let go of the idea of making any doll food out of clay for my dolls....

Untill....!! I found this great PlayDoh toy at the thrift store!! I felt a bit sheepish buying it because here I am a 40something year old woman buying a PlayDoh toy for herself... But obviously I didn't let it stop me either! Haha! It was only $1!! So I went and bought some white modeling clay that dries in 24 hours (as opposed to the kind you bake because that sounded way too much like cooking and I am terrible at cooking! haha!). Also I liked that it is white and so I'll be able to paint it any color I want. So... here are the ones I mashed out yesterday. They should be dry by this afternoon and ready to be painted! I'll be back as soon as I get them painted to show you how they came out!!

Have you ever made anything out of clay for your dolls? Tell me about it in comments!!

Till next time!!

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