Thursday, November 3, 2016

New 18 Inch Boy Doll Clothes & Other Doll Finds At Walmart and Michael's

Hi Doll Friends!

As you may have noticed in my posting about the Halloween Party at the Doll House, Josh Doll had a snappy Basketball uniform as his Halloween costume. It was perfect since Heather Doll was a cheerleader this year. Aren't they cute?

I had planned on a different costume for Josh out of the clothes I already owned at home but then I went to Walmart the other day and found the exact thing I'd been hoping to get since Walmart came out with it's new release of My Life As Doll items this year... The boy clothes set!! What was even more amazing was that it was on sale too!! I was a bit cash poor in my Dolly Funds that day but I snagged up a set anyway because from what I understand, these sets are only being released at Christmas this year and then they'll be gone forever. I wan't the girl sets too but priorities! 

I thought this deal was pretty amazing too if you're into the 18inch doll pets. I have several already (three really great ones from Frann!) that I still need to blog about... It's been on my 'to-do' list for months but I just keep getting swept up in posts about other things. I'll get it done soon enough! LOL But this set is really cute and on sale it might've been worth getting just for the doll and the cute exam table and accessories! However, I am getting to where I feel like I have enough dolls... I am sure I'll get more in future but they'll have to be super special! Or... Naturally, if and when I find dollies at Thrift who need a make-over, they will come home with me... I love dolls too much not to bring home the ones who need rescued. Eh?

This is the back of the box of clothes... I guess I forgot to take a photo of the front before I opened it up... You can see it up in the photo of the clothes sets at the store though if you're curious about it. 

The clothes are adorable and made very well!! The set even had shoes and socks! I have only dressed a doll in one of the outfits so far... Brought it home and immediately put Josh Doll in basketball outfit and rushed him to the Halloween Party! The other two outfits are cute a button too and I'll get them put on dolls and photo'd and try and get back here and add an edit with them soon. (We will see if I remember.... That To-Do list is never ending... Just way too much fun doll stuff to talk about! haha!)

This is something I specifically looked for because of a tip from a member of a doll group (Hi Shelly's Doll World!) on Facebook. The lids come off and you can remove the string. I think they are going to make adorable spice containers for the doll kitchen! I plan to put some actual spices in them so they'll look super real. There is a tiny hole in the top of each bottle but I am just going to put a white dot sticker over them and it'll just look like the label of the spice jar. 

The same day I went to Walmart I had already gone to Michael's craft store... It was the day after Halloween and I wanted to see what they might have left over on clearance from the Halloween items. I also had a 50% off coupon and I can never seem to turn down that good of a deal... The coupon made this outfit only $5 and so it had to happen... I'll have to come show you how cute it is on a doll soon. 

Then they had all the Halloween items 80% off regular price! So I cleaned them out of these cute little bottles! They were only 99cents a set on sale. I think they will also make great spice containers and are about 2/3rds the size of the ones I got at Walmart so it'll be a neat way to have a 'variety' of spices like a 'real' kitchen would. 

I must've uploaded these in wrong order but if I go back and fix it now, I'll probably take a decade to get it done... LOL So I am showing you the other items I got at Walmart. I used the beads as 'jawbreaker' candies and the clipboard is just too cute!!

Here is Josh Doll again in the outfit... 

I hope you're able to find a set or two of the special holiday clothing sets at Walmart. Even at the regular price of $20 they are a pretty great deal.

Till next time!

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