Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Erasers As Doll Food and Candy!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

As I am sure I've mentioned before in this post novelty erasers can make great doll food...! After finding some at Nobbies and then on eBay I looked closer at eBay to see what others I could find... I found that putting "Novelty Food Erasers" would pull up quite a few cute ones.

I got these Ice Cream Sandwich looking (I thought) cookies for $1.50 per package including shipping! Great deal! Takes a while for them to arrive so if you're looking to put some in Christmas Stockings, you might want to go look soon!

The others I found were also very cute! They were a tiny bit more at $1.68 for each set of 4 but the cute little 'face shaped' cookies are too adorable!

Then, lately as I've been on my doll candy making spree I came across these funny little erasers at Nobbies... They actually ended up not being as cheap as you may imagine... They were 10cents each! So the ones you see here cost me about $3.50 as I recall... But they made very cute packaged saltwater taffee type candies so it's all good. 

Here are the erasers (above) packaged up in the candy display... I didn't really mention the display 'racks' in my Sweet Shoppe when I posted it I now realize. They are two little clear acrylic organizers I found at the thrift shoppe for 50cents each. The one on the left, I think, was made for holding business type cards.... Like when you have several people in an office and want to have all their business cards at reception, that sort of stand. I am absolutely clueless as to what the other one was made for...? But it makes a perfect display for my Sweet Shoppe so I don't really care either. I'll have to try and remember to photograph it empty when I take down the Sweet Shoppe to pack it up to make room to set up a different 'room'. (I usually only do one at a time because my scenes/rooms are ginormous! So temporary is only way they work or I'd need to live in a stadium or something. Haha.

I know you've seen this photo before in my posting about the the Halloween Party at the doll house but I wasn't pointing the sweets out then... See the donuts on the tray? Also erasers... I got them at Nobbies Party Store the same day I got the assorted erasers to use as candy. I've also found erasers at Walmart in the party section that have made great desserts in the Sweet Shoppe. 

So be sure to look for novelty erasers to use as doll food when you're out and about and see a party supply section of the store... Or you can always look on eBay like I did. Doll food is so much fun!! 

Till next time!

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