Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Candy Wrappers for the DIY American Girl Doll Candy!

Hi Doll Friends! 

So the other day I told you about the doll candy I made for the doll house from inexpensive Dollar Tree items... I loved how they came out. However, I really wanted the candy to be 'wrapped' so it looked more like Trick Or Treat candy. Hmmm...

I'd purchased these little zip log baggies for a different project... You can get them at Walmart in a pack of 100 for about a $1.00 in the jewelry making supply section. They ended up being the perfect wrappers for my dolly suckers and lollipops!!

As you can see, I stuck the stick of the bear suckers thru the bag at the right spot for the bear to be centered in the middle when I wrap the bag around... (that was a hard thing to describe but if you look at the photos hopefully it'll make sense...?) 

Then I folded the baggie over and taped it with clear tape.

Then I pushed the bear up to the edge of the bag and twisted the end and applied more tape around it. I think it looks so realistic with it wrapped!! 

For the lollipops I just put them inside the bag and folded it and taped it. It looked quite a lot like the way this type of lolli's were packaged when I got them as a kid...

See? The bag is nearly perfect length for the lollipop...

Then you just fold it over and tape it....

I also taped both ends so it would be more 'closed looking'. I love how it looked when done. 

Here is a big old 'cauldron' of candies ready for Trick Or Treat!

I also packaged up some beads in the baggies to look like small candies (like Life Savers or whatnot) and am really pleased with how it all came out! I am actually still working on some other types of doll candy because even though Halloween is over for another year, I have a 'Doll Sweet Shop' and the candies will look perfect in it!

That's it for now doll friends!
Till next time!

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