Friday, November 4, 2016

Time for Tea and Fall Sweaters With Friends!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

You may have already seen this post with only photos and a one word title...? I accidentally hit 'publish' instead of 'save as draft' when I uploaded the photos the other day and didn't realize it until later... So, if you got a 'wordless' blog post, I am sorry! Then again, sometimes photos can tell the story pretty well...! As you can see: 

A few of the girls decided since it was November now, they should pull out the fall sweaters... Then I remembered a reason that pulling fall sweaters out was going to be super fun this year!! This summer Frann sent a box of beautiful clothes, doll pets (that I still need to show you better! Time flies!) and doll accessories that were just lovely. Included in them were three adorable doll sized broaches made by Goofy, the same gal that makes the cute doll clothes Frann sends me. I loved them so much but knew they'd look best on sweater outfits rather than summer ones... So I tucked them away in same place I kept the doll sweaters so they'd be ready to go when the time arrived. And... Here we are! 

The girls decided they would drink some tea and talk about a book or two...

Wow! BernieDoll decides she wants to jump into Creationism... No small talk in the Doll House today!! 

HeatherDoll is pouring the tea while the FrannDoll and BernieDoll pick out book...

The discussion was so interesting!!

All too soon it was time for tea to be over and for FrannDoll and HeatherDoll to run to the Sweet Shoppe to do a bit of shopping and to meet up with another friend... BernieDoll had planned to go but decided to stay home and study up a bit after the interesting talk!

That's it for now Doll Friends!
Hope you're having beautiful Autumn weather!

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