Thursday, November 3, 2016

Halloween Party In the Doll House Part Two

Greeting and Salutations Doll Friends!!

As promised, here are some more photos from the dolls Halloween Party at the doll house... I posted the first batch of photos from the party here but only took a few at the beginning of the party before some of the dolls went Trick Or Treating and then brought their candy back to the party...

Here's the party in full swing! It was so much fun!

All the girls who had gone Trick or Treating wanted to share their candy with all the other party guests! Isn't that sweet?

So Leanne was put in charge of filling up buckets as evenly as possible so everyone gets to take home some candy... None of the dolls thought it was fair that the girls who stayed behind to greet guests at the party and didn't get to go out trick or treating to not get candy too. 

Here Myfanwy and Sueretta are choosing some music on the juke box!

They picked some great songs!

Of course bobbing for apples was something that had to be done...!

Lisa did a great job with the party sweets table and look, she lined all the treat buckets up under the table for everyone to grab one on their way out at the end of the night. 

The "Photo Booth" the girls set up was also a hit! 

Everyone at the party went in to have thier photos done.

It seems to be a thing at parties now and the girls wanted to have everything 'just so'.

Aren't the costumes great?

I think they did a great job with the props too... That skeleton! Ha!

Some great photos were taken!

Don't you think?

Back at the party, Josh offered to get Heather some lemonade....

Leanne came over and he offered to pour her some as well... What a gentleman!

There was all manner of beverages available at the drink counter!

Frann, Marissa and Heather are all having a great conversation...

Hi girls!

Lisa was also the party greeter and she made everyone feel so welcome when they arrived.

Look at all the yummy sweet treats! Naturally there had to be fresh fruit too because not everyone likes sugary sweets.

Which item do you think looks most delish?

Looks like the girls are all getting ready for bobbing for apples!!

It really was a great party! They can't wait to throw another one next year!!
Hope you had a great Halloween too!

Till next time!

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