Friday, November 25, 2016

Maplelea Saila Comes Home To The Doll House!

Hi Doll Friends!
I am almost out of time this morning but I just have to tell you about Saila! As you know, my birthday was here recently and I was spoiled like a princess with doll clothes and new dolls  I got from my husband! Not to mention I was gifted an amazing handbag in 'real life' from my lovely friend Frann. I felt like it was already the best birthday ever! 

Then I opened my birthday card from Josh's Dad and his wife and low and behold they sent me a $100 check! Well... Guess who costs $99.00 on I have had Saila on my wish list there for ever so long... When I got the check I was like "That's it... It's time" and I practically ran to my phone to order her. I love Amazon, it only took two days for her to arrive on my doorstep!

This is mostly going to have to be photos of her for now because alas... I am out of time to write much more. I have to work today and so does my husband so I must go get my day started...

It was love at first sight though I can tell you... She is so pretty!!

She is made so well.... Just as good as American Girl Doll in my opinion!! I think it's so neat she's from Canada!

Her box is amazing!! The book is really posh too! It's in three languages!

Here she is with Lauren who was the greeter for her since she is also from Canada. Saila felt right at home! Don't you love her suitcase? 
                            (Hi Frann!)

Frann and Heather came to greet her as well...

She wanted to change clothes after her long trip!

Then they all sat down and had some tea...

So here are all three of the dolls who've come home recently (Hey! It was my birthday and I love dolls! haha!) I am so glad to have all of them... The more the merry, right?

Gotta run!
Till next time!

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