Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving At The Doll House!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

Happy Black Friday!! I hope this finds you having a lovely day... If shopping today is your thing, I hope you found all the deals you were looking for! If staying away from stores and relaxing is your thing, I hope you have had a great day doing that! I have to work today and so I am rushing here to show you the photos of the Doll House on Thanksgiving yesterday!

Here are Josh and Heather posing by the beautiful Thanksgiving Dinner they had prepared... Yes, Josh likes to cook! Thank goodness because Heather cooks more because she has to than because she likes to. (She likes to play with dolls and write blogs too! She's a mini-me afterall! Right?) Heather always cleans up the kitchen when Josh cooks though so it's great team-work. 

The candles make it look so festive!!

We didn't have a huge guest list this year... We wanted Frann and Saila to enjoy their first Thanksgiving as a small, relaxed family affair. Frann is from Korea and Saila is from Canada and so they were both excited to try out all the yummy food.

Josh gave a toast "To Thanksgiving and having lovely friends at our table to share it with!". Then he said a prayer and thanked God for the meal, our family and friends, our wonderful country and all the many blessings we have been given. I obviously didn't photograph the prayer as I was bowing my head as he said it... 

The meal was wonderful! I only got shots of just it was getting started before Josh carved the turkey because I had to tuck in and enjoy a little plate myself! (Kidding!)

Here are Lilly and Saila during the toast.


Josh and Heather were so happy that the Thanksgiving dinner seemed to be a success!

You may notice that there is not a pumpkin pie on the table... Per the kids' request, we had alternate desserts this year because Vito really doesn't like Pumpkin pie so we made a pretty chocolate cake for him to be happy and since we were going a bit different, Lilly decided a Cherry Tart was what she'd like... I think next year we'll get some pumpkin pie as well even if we do go with alternates because Josh and Heather missed it. Not to mention they were so embarrased not to have any for Frann and Saila to try! They promised to have some at Christmas and to have them try it then!

Lilly was very proud of the asparagus bundles... She'd done them herself. They were delicious!

Here are Saila, Heather and Frann in their pretty Thanksgiving outfits before everyone sat down to dinner...

Notice the kids while they were posing for the photo... This is how they looked much of the day... Teenagers! (Haha! Kidding... I know all the dolls are supposed to be 'child aged' but these two dolls are doppleganger dolls for my own two kids who are teens...LOL)

But this is how my real kids looked most of the day when we weren't eating... Can't really complain too much I suppose as I sit on a laptop typing this blog. I suppose it's just the world we live in. Right? I digress....

I really hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are looking forward to a relaxing 'first weekend of the Christmas season'!! I am so thankful to have you as readers and to have the fun and exciting blessing of being able to write this blog. So... Thank you, dear doll friend reader, for you! May God Bless you richly all the coming year!!

Much Love!

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