Sunday, November 13, 2016

Pool Table Goodwill Find For Doll House!

Greetings Doll Friends!!

You'll never believe what I found for the Doll House at Goodwill!?

Yes that's right! It's a doll sized pool table!!

It was missing the pool cues and a couple of balls but I plan to try and make some cues from wooden dowl and I think I can probably find some one inch sized beads to paint and use for the missing balls...

Still, even knowing they coudn't have a proper game due to missing items, the dolls had to check it out!!

Josh Doll said "My family had a pool table in the basement when I was a kid! I can't wait to show ya'l how to play!!" 

As you can see, it was only $3.99!! It actually doesn't have legs... But my candle holders I bought to make dolly side tables worked perfectly as legs for it!!

I just set it on top of them and it looked like it was made that way!!

It's going to be a fun thing for the dolls!

Better run!
Till next time!

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