Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sweet Shoppe Says Goodbye For Now!

Hi Doll Friends!

It's been so much fun having the Sweet Shoppe up and running... As you may know though, given how large my doll rooms tend to be, I can only have one up at a time... So I packed it all up yesterday to make room for a new room to be set up... Thanksgiving will be here before we know it! 

It was good I still had it up so the new twins could have a place to hang out before before one sister went to go live with Frann. 

They were both so excited to see the shoppe when they arrived... Doll friends and doll candy and doll sized everything! How fun!

Rose was on duty at the Shoppe for it's last day of business (this time) 

"These suckers look amazing!"

I hope ya'll have enjoyed the Sweet Shoppe as much as I have!

It's been fun to put together. 

The dolls all loved it too! 

Paul Doll and Beth Doll look to be having a great time!

Breanna Doll is asking Holly Doll if she want's anything while she's up...?

Fongtan Doll was really enjoying what was a recent update to the Sweet Shoppe. My daughter thought it would be a great idea to put in desks for people who came in by themselves and wanted to sit alone but not at a table.... So they can study. Genius! I put them in right away! 

Here's the last shot (this time) of the Sweet Shoppe! I am sure it'll look a tiny bit different the next time I set it up but I am sure that will be clear into the next year since Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years will be here before we know it!

Better run and get ready for Church!
Hope this finds you having a great day!

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  1. Your sweet shoppe looks cozy and lots of doll guests like to be there even by themselves. Colorful doll food looks yummy.