Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Thanks So Much Frann!! New Clothes and Accessories Gift for the Doll House!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

As you may know if you read this blog regularly at all, one of the most lovely things I've gleaned from writing it is the friendship I have found with my sister-friend Frann! 

We have become pen-pals and even FaceTime when we get the chance of our schedules lining up to do so... Hi Frann!!

Frann has a friend named Goofy who makes the cutest clothes for dolls... Frann has sent me some of her beautiful work in the past and I am always amazed at the adorable styles she is able to make for dolls. These latest three are not exception. So totally adorable!!! I'd wear this outfit if I had one!! Frann's sweet gifts are making my dollies the best dressed dollies in all of the world! Eh? I love every single outfit.

Here is a photo of what else she sent along with the cute clothes. Look at that adorable suitcase!! It's perfectly sized!! It is actually a coin bank! Banks seem to lend themselves well to doll sized items because the toilet in my doll bathroom is also a bank! I can't wait to plan doll 'trips' for the them all to go on with their new luggage! I also adore the little laundry baskets! I plan to put them in the doll bathroom and doll bedrooms when I set them up! How fun! 

The 'Herb Garden' is so adorable! I've been meaning to do a 'gardening' adventure for the dolls for months and months... Truth be told, I love the idea of gardening in real life but I am utterly horrible at it honestly. Haha. So I guess I procrastinated the dollies gardening all Spring and Summer because I never seem to get to it myself! I have collected a few little 'garden implements' like shovels and whatnot and now that I have this cute Herb Garden Cart, I'll have to actually get out and do it.... It might, however, have to wait for the spring because before we know it, there will be snow outside! November 1st has arrived so quickly! It's been a year this month since we moved! Time flies.

The other item in the box is a box of 'Face masks' that Frann likes and wanted to let me try too... I haven't taken the time to do one yet but look forward to having nice smooth skin afterwards! I'll let you know how it goes! Maybe I'll do a "Spa Night" with the dolls with the face masks as inspiration! 

Normally when I get cute new clothes from Frann my first chosen models are FrannDoll and HeatherDoll... However, FrannDoll and HeatherDoll were dressed in their Halloween costumes and I didn't want to change them out untill after the Halloween party was over...

So a few of my other lovely dollies, Dakota (TollyTot) Panda (American Girl) and Carlene (Journey Girl) modeled them for me and looked so adorable!

Just the sweetest gift and it made my week when I got it!! So thanks so much Frann!! You're too good too me but I really appreciate all the beautiful things you've sent me. More than that, I cherish our friendship!! (Chat soon!)

Well, that's all for now Doll Friends!!
Till next time!

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