Saturday, September 30, 2017

Build A Bear Clothing Alterations For American Girl Dolls

Hi Doll Friends,

Whenever I happen to find BuildABear clothes for very cheap, I usually pick them up... They can be altered to fit 18inch doll's pretty well. It's just a matter of getting out the sewing machine! So, as you know with my frenzy of upcycles recently I've been in a bit of a sewing mood.  

So I finally pulled out the bag of BuildABear clothes that I'd found here there and the other place and started to make them over...

Here is Jody Doll, Mandy Doll and Cat Doll all wearing altered BuildABear clothes. Well, Jody and Mandy are wearing non-BAB tops but the shorts are made over. Cat's whole outfit is a made over BAB outfit.

I made this over but need to get photo's of the finished item. It's really pretty! Just in time for Halloween!

This is a much needed pair of boy shorts! Why much needed? Because I have no shortage of boys in the Doll House.

Here is Tyler modeling the white shorts I made over...

Here are Cat's shorts. I was glad to be able to save the word 'hula' in the shorts because Cat love hula dance

This skirt came out so cute!

See it on Judy (above, second from left.) 

This is a Build A Bear dress I made over is gorgeous! If I do say so...

This is 'before'.

I wondered if maybe I could get away with just moving the velcro but decided it looked a bit, um, cheesey...

Here is how I altered it.

And perfect!

Better run!

Uh Oh! Beautifully Custom Doll Wigs Had A Seconds Sale!

Hi Doll Friends!

I've heard of them but never actually shopped one... But last night Beautifully Custom Doll Wigs had one of their seconds sales. I'd never shopped one before but wanted to check it out because they said they'd have wigs for as low as $14.00! So I even set the alarm on my phone and went there exactly at 9PM when they were supposed to launch the sale. Yes, me and about half the rest of the country I guess because we totally crashed their server. I kept trying and having it half load and then crash again and then would see the wigs on sale but not be able to put them in the cart etc etc... Until like 10:55PM. What can I say? I got caught up in it... Like it became a mission to get through the lines or something Perhaps that is the closest I'm ever going to get to Black Friday shopping? Hahaha! So which wigs did I end up ordering?

Well, to be honest, I only got this one ordered last night. Why? Well, 1) I felt guilty even trying to order more because I knew from Facebook chat groups that there were a lot people wanting to get at least one wig and I didn't want to be selfish and 2) once I got this one in the cart and got the 'view cart and pay' screen to come up, I just 'rang up' for fear if I 'kept shopping' I'd have it crash on me again, if that makes sense. I am so happy I got this one... Of all the ones they had listed it was likely my favorite. I love the length and the soft pastel colors. Just beautiful

Then, this morning, when I woke up, I decided to go and see what was left after the feeding frenzy. That is when I found this beautiful bobbed wig. I'd seen it last night in a thumbnail but only from the front. I thought it was just lavender and it didn't really interest me. Then when I opened up the details I saw it from the side and I loved it almost more than the other one I got. So I snatched it up. I mean, $14.00!? 

See, this is the thumb nail I saw and you can't really tell it's more than one color.... Thank goodness cos if it had been apparent I think it would've been sold out already. 

This is the first time I've purchased anything from a 'seconds' sale before so we'll see how bad the 'flaws' are. It says they are small and possibly not even noticable if you're not too picky or something along those lines. I can't imagine the sale would be so popular if they were too flawed. 

Breaking News!!!
As I was sitting here writing this blog I was on the Beautifully Custom website and I saw a couple of wigs that were still available and I was telling my husband how great a deal they were... And, sweet guy that he is, he say's "Well, then why don't you pick up a couple more?" AWESOMENESS!!

So which two did I pick? You'll likely be surprised because, quite frankly so was I... But I got this one:

I have a sort of plan for this wig in my mind already... I just have to find the right doll. It's only a matter of time and at that price, I can tuck it away till she comes along.

Then I also got this one... Also a bit different but I love silver colored hair!!

It is going to be so much fun customizing more dolls. No doll is safe in my house anymore!! Haha! Not until I glue down the wig and even then, not all bets are off. I'll keep you posted on them as they arrive!

Better run!

Sasha Doll Leaves The Doll House

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

One of my most amazing thrift store finds has been when I found a Sasha Doll at Goodwill. I was so stoked! I had always dreamt of owning one and to actually have that dream come true, amazing. However, sadly, for whatever reason, the poor dear really just sits on my doll shelf collecting dust. I actually told my husband I thought I'd pack her away because she was 'too nice to leave out collecting dust' and he, quite rightly, told me 'Why is her sitting in a box any better? Accidents and wear can happen in boxes too.' Quite right, quite right. Still, as much as I admire her and am amazed I ever found her, I never really 'fell in love' with this doll. Maybe because I am always extremely careful with her when I touch her, fearful she'll fall apart or something. Which is silly because she's made very very well. Hence them being worth a few coins. So after a lot of consideration, I decided I would try and 're-home' her to someone who might appreciate her more. 

She's currently listed on eBay on a BuyItNow for $99.99 plus calculated shipping. I know I know, that's loads more than what I got her for. But if I am going to part with her, it's going to be in order to reinvest in my doll hobby and so I don't think I could let her go for any less than that. Maybe if someone shot me an offer I'd consider going down a smidge but... I think it's a fair price. 

She really is a pretty doll and in really great shape. Her joints are all very tight and she can pose really well.

You can see down through to her hair roots on top but I don't think she's lost hair? Because her hair is really pretty thick and lovely. 

See, just lovely.

Sorry for the nude photos but I don't think I ever showed her to you properly when I got her and I don't think I've posted about or photographed her much ever again either. See why I think it's only fair, to her, to let her go to someone who will be thrilled everytime they look at her? So this might be the last chance I get to show you what her body is like and how well articuated she is. There is a reason these beautiful dolls held their value. 

See how well she holds her arms up? I am not sure if she has her original stringing or if she's been restrung but in any case, her limbs are tight and I could probably have had her do the classic handstand if I'd have thought about it. 

I decided to have her meet and stand next to my Lilly American Girl Doll. That is usually what I get request for when I have a doll that is nearly the same size. They could totally be room mates or friends and it kind of makes me regret not having involved her more in the Doll House but... It is what it is. Who knows, maybe she won't sell? If not, I'll know she's meant to live with me for sure! Haha!

If you're interested in her, here is the linky to her listing on eBay.

Better run!

October 9, 2017

She sold last week! I used the proceeds to buy the Target Diner for the Doll House! That is a link to the YouTube about it but I plan to write a blog post too! I am so happy of the 'trade' and hope that the Sasha doll has a long happy life with her new owner.

:) Heather