Sunday, September 24, 2017

Our Generation Boy Doll Arrives At Doll House!

Hi Doll Friends,

When he first came out, I wasn't sure I wanted to get the new Our Generation Boy Doll Rafael. I have lots of boy dolls in the Doll House already. However, this past weekend my sweet husband gifted me with some mad money to spend on dolls and so off to the internet I went to browse. 

When I went to Target's website to see what might appeal to me there, if anything, and this little fella popped up at the top of the list of dolls. Suddenly, I had a moment of impulse purchase fever and before I knew it, he was in my 'cart' along with another item so I'd get free shipping... Does that ever happen to you? Teehee.

I am so glad I bought him!! He is so much more handsome in real life than he was on the website. To me anyway. His eyes are gorgeous!

Here he is in the box. When he first came out of the box, his hair was super stiff with some sort of gel... At first I was a bit worried that it was junk hair but then I searched YouTube and discovered that all you need to do is rinse out his hair with warm water and it washes all the 'traveling gel' out of his hair. So I did that and, sure enough, his hair is lovely.

One thing I found interesting was that he has the words "Our Generation" on the back of his neck, not Battat like other OG Dolls have. I think, now I am going to have to go look at other newer OG's to be sure? I might've only noticed because his hair is short?

I actually found two flaws in my doll... I don't really want to take him back because of such little flaws but, they are flaws. What are your thoughts? He had this little hard bulge in his torso, like a sewing pin or something got sewn up inside of him or something. Very strange. But I guess people do have scars too and I get a kick out such things so... 

He also had this little brown dot on his forehead, like when they were painting his eyebrows an errant drop of paint dropped by accident. Again, people do have moles so...

I am pretty sure I will keep him. I've decided to name him Tyler after one of my son's very first friends. They've been friends since the womb because his mother and I were pregnant together. I was trying to puzzle out a good name and then all the sudden when I was photographing him on the porch I thought "He looks just like Tyler!!" 

What do you think? Am I close? Eitherwise, his name is Tyler.

Do you have any boy dolls? I love mine because, in real life, there are always boys as well as girls! Right? So, I need brothers and cousins and classmates and friends for my girl dolls too!

Better run!

Six Thrifted Dolls Ready For Makeovers In The Doll House!

Hi Doll Friends,

So... Yeah...

'My name is Heather and I am addicted to buying forlorn mistreated dolls from thrift stores."

So here are a few of the latest I've found recently... I am sure I'll be referencing back to this post when they get fixed up or made-over. 

I suspect this poor gal is going to be a body transplant doll. I don't know if you can tell but I think perhaps someone left her in the heat of the sun and then some pressure was applied or something. Because her face is kind of smashed in a little bit. I probably would've left her at ths store but I liked her dress and know I will eventually need a new body for some doll or other. 

I don't think you can tell every well in the photos but her race looks misshapen in person.

Then this doll, again, I bought because 1) she had cute clothes on and 2) she is a 'deluxe' OG doll, meaning her body can pose and I've gotten to where I really do prefer that body type. I am sure she will become a boy or get re-wigged because I already have a red-headed brown-eyed OG doll that I got at the flea market last year. 

This gal is also likely to get a wig change because I have this doll too. I tried to find the post where I got her originally but I couldn't seem to locate it. But trust me, I own her, her name is Breanna. Teehee... 

This poor gal is definately getting a new wig. It's on the way. I plan to sort of make her a sister to Prism Doll because she has very similar bright green eyes. Her dress is what I was really after, I washed it up and it's gorgeous!

Here is the cute outfit on one of the dolls... It is yet another thing I already have one of but it'll be fun to dress Heather and Frann doll as twins in them. I need to have another yoga class in the Doll House and it'd be fun to have them dress as twins for that. See the price? For $1.99 (minus my card holder discount so even cheaper) how can I NOT buy her? The outfit is worth at least that. So, it's like a free doll! Right?

When I got the red headed doll out of her clothes I came across this puzzle... Someone had wrapped her whole torso in tape? Maybe to make the tags lay down? Maybe because she had a little hole in her torso that they didn't want to get worse? Who knows? I took it off, naturally and gave her a few stitches to close her up. 

These two little ladies I found just this last week. The one on the left is also a 'deluxe' doll and she has a super cute outfit on that's in great shape. She was $3.99. The one on the left I bought despite what was likely a stain on her mouth and cheek. It looked like someone put lipstick on her and then smeared it off and then left it. She had on a cute dress and one shoe (wish she'd have had other one because it's a cute shoe!) and a very cute sundress on. Her hair actually looked to be in pretty great shape and so I think she'll probably keep it. 

I have just the wig for this Our Generation doll... I've been waiting for a doll to come along with the right color blue eyes and here she is. 

So watch upcoming posts for the developments of these thrifted girlies... I am sure they will all go on to be great dolls in the doll house!

Till Next Time!

Twin Madame Alexander Dolls For Frann and Me!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends! 

This weekend I've been trying to catch up on some doll related things I've wanted to do for a while now. One of those things was...

To photograph the latest twin dolls I found at Goodwill recently for Frann and me! I wanted to get photos of them together before I send off Frann's doll in the mail this coming week. I re-wigged one doll from a pinkish red into this dark brown wig in order to make them into twins. I asked Frann if she wanted me to re-wig her doll or leave her as she was and she opted to keep her with her orignal haircut. Frann said that oftentimes real twins don't have the exact same hair cut afterall. So, they are cute twins sporting different hair styles!

One reason I took so long to get the doll ready to send to Frann was I wanted to send her in a dress I upcycled but also wanted to do the Fashion Show with the clothes I was sending... So it took a bit of time to pull off. 

But at long last, here are the girlies ready to get dressed into some traveling clothes!

Well, only one of the dolls is traveling actually but they both wanted to get dressed in a similar dress for their goodbye photos. 

So here they are in their new dresses and some cute fall boots!

Don't they look lovely?

Calla came in to chat with them and assure the traveling sister that everything would be lovely and she was going to have such a fun life in Korea! You may notice I say 'traveling sister' and not her name... That is because Frann is going to name these twin dolls and she is still deciding on what they should be called. So I'll let you know as soon as she tells me!!

This last photo was a total 'error' photo that I am not really sure how I even took it but I thought it looked kind of neat and so I am showing it to you.

I better run! I have a few more blog drafts I want to get posted today!
Have a great day!

Bitty Baby Bed and Bathtub Goodwill Find!

Greetings and Salutations!

So... I apparently have developed a bit of a problem. I can't seem to keep walking when I see American Girl Doll items at Goodwill. Even, apparently, ones that are made for Bitty Baby and the 18inch American Girl dolls. Because...

When I saw these items at Goodwill last week, I put them in my cart without a second thought. It was less than $6.00 for all of it! How could I not? 

The bed was $2.99 as you can see on the sticker here...

The tub was $1.99! 

They both looked like they were basically brand new! 

I plan to give the tub away to a friend who has little girls who would love it!

I haven't decided what I'll do with the little baby doctor bag. I had a thought that I'd put it on eBay and sell it and if I made any profit, I could spend it on doll stuff I am interested in. Only problem? I am really really bad about buying stuff to put on eBay and then it sits and sits. So... This time I decided to risk it.

When I decided to buy the Bitty Baby bed I was hoping that it would make a cute bed for my 14inch dolls like Heart for Hearts and Our Generation Little Friends. So tried it out...

And it worked perfectly!!

I even figured out I could use the little drawer that's below the bed as a trundle bed! Score!!

Then, just to test a suspision... I tried out an 18inch doll in the bed... And... She fit too!!

Here is the bed in a recent post all set up in the doll bedroom!

How fun! I love Goodwill finds!

Better run!

Our Generation Doll Bed Goodwill Find!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends,

Recently, when I was at a Goodwill, I wandered over to the 'carts' where they have the stuff that is ready to be put out for sale and what did I see sitting right on top? 

A basically brand new Our Generation Doll bed! Ironically enough, I'd just recently found Frann Doll's My Life As Doll bed on clearance recently too! So, my dolly's are going to get such great sleep now!

Here is the bed just before I started snipping open the seams that held all the bedding in place., Yes, that's right, the bedding hadn't ever even been removed from the bed?! Like, no one ever even played with this doll bed. Isn't that interesting?!

Here it is just after I got it home from the store. It was marked $5.99 and considering a brand new one costs $39.99, that's pretty good! Like 80% off or something. Awesomeness!! There was one flaw on the bed, an ink stain on the bedspread. It looks like someone accidentally layed a pen of some sort on the bed with the lid off and ink got on it. Other than that, brand new really...

Here is the back of the bed. I've always liked the Our Generation style of bed because when I was a kid I had a dream of having a 'day bed' of my own... Who says dreams don't come true? Eh?

See what I mean about it being brand new? It still had the fastenings attached, as if some one literally ripped it out of the cardboard box it comes in but didn't even bother to cut away the zip ties? Maybe they just didnt' own a pair of scissors? Because...

Same deal on the other side and...

Even the threads that hold the mattress and pillows on the bed for shipping and displaying were all totally un-cut. Which is good because otherwise, if a bed like this even ever made it Goodwill at all, it arriving with even the mattress included would be sort of amazing... So to get all the original blankets and pillows? It's like a gift from God!! 
Thanks God! You're always so good to me! 💓

So yesterday I reconfigured the doll bedroom to include the new bed. Well, beds... If you notice that white bed on the left hand side? That's another recent thrift store find that I need to come report on! Stay tuned for that soon... I'd decided that Frann Doll should have her own space in the Doll House but she told me she would much rather have a room mate or two so she won't be lonely. She loves being able to chat with her sisters before she falls asleep at night she said. So, here is the room she is going to share! What do you think of it? 

And here are the two newest Twin Doll's that Frann and I are going to share. The one sitting is the one headed out in the mail this week to live with Frann and the one on left will stay living here in the Doll House. I love having Twin Dolls with Frann. It's so much fun!!

I better run!
Till Next Time!