Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Doll Knit Hats Upcycled from Knit Gloves!

Doll Friends!!

I've been wanting to get here to show you these cute hats I made this past weekend but had to get some photos taken of the dolls in them! I was able to pull that off this morning! 

Here are all the little hats I made this weekend... They are easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!!

All I did was rurn the glove inside out and zip a seam across the glove right at the thumb line....

Or lower for the smaller dolly hats...

Then I cut off the finger portions...

Turned it right side out again....

That's it. So simple it's almost embarrassing I never thought to do it before. I made hats out of gloves once (and thought I did a blog post about it but couldnt' find it so who knows...?). The idea I'd gotten off Pinterest was to rubberband off the 'fingers' of the gloves and then cut them in little 'strips' to be the 'pompom' on the hat. I have a hat that I made this way from the rainbow glove above but I can't locate any blog post about it...? Perhaps, like sock post, it was a project I did before I even started blogging about dolls! Indeed! I just found Pinterest pin I did about it from way back then. That's a fun look too and if you do one of each from one set of gloves, you'd end up with two totally different looks!

The following are just some phtoos I took this morning fo the dolls in the hats. Sorry the photos are a bit dark... I took them at like 5:30AM and I don't like to get the house lit up too much at that time of day. Teehee.

My lunch break is over!
Till next time!