Thursday, November 3, 2016

Rock Candy DIY for American Girl Dolls

Hi Doll Friends!

In case you hadn't noticed, I have been a bit obsessed with 'doll candy' lately... I made doll sized Lollipops and then figured out wrappers for them too but once my mind fixates, I can't stop rolling around ideas about something... So everywhere I looked, I'd see doll candy. 

So when I was looking through my craft items and so the mini wooden sticks I'd bought to make 'chop sticks' for the dolls (I got the huge package and only needed like ten! haha!) I thought "Those would make cute rock candy handles... But how to make the 'candy' part?"

So I pulled out some beads and started playing around. The pony beads were pretty candy colors but wouldn't stay on the stick by themselves because the hole was too large. Then I looked at the wood beads... Hmmmm... The hole was smaller. 

So I put one of the 'flat' type of wood beads on the stick.... It just fit on the stick... So well that it basically stayed on by itself. So then I could put the pony beads on the stick and glue them into place...

I stacked four beads on each stick in alternating colors adding a bit of glue around the stick as I went... It was super easy to do. They dried overnight and...

Tada! Doll rock candy! See them in the little pumpkin on the left side and container on the tray of loose candy? I think they look so pretty! I probably went a little overboard in how many I made but... it's so simple! Not to mench, I have a lot of dolls who like suckers! 

So I hope you make some rock candy for your dolls soon too! If you do, show me a photo! I'd love to see other peoples color combos!

Till next time!

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