Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Media Free Election Night At The Sweet Shoppe!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

Last night was a historic one for our country!! It was also a pretty nerve wracking one! Watching the 'play by play ' of election results is enough to drive the sanest doll mad! So, the Sweet Shoppe had a party where everyone had to leave their phones off and there was no media allowed! Yes, that's right, the dolls created an Election Night Drama Free Zone for themselves.... They all knew whatever happened with the outcome was going to happen but why put themselves through the pain of watching the numbers go up or down for the candidates they supported.

It was such a lovely evening and quite a good turn out of people wanting to get away and have a nice relaxing evening without emotional highs and lows!

They all found really great desserts...

And enjoyed nice conversations...

Maybe the election was brought up a time or two but mostly in a "Is it finally over?" kind of way...

Crystal Doll was clever in bringing a bit of her studying with her to keep her mind on other things....

Alycia Doll is looking for just the right dessert. 

Jason Doll and Vito Doll decide to get some candy instead of a dessert... To each their own, right?

Jen Doll is rining up a bear sucker for Lilly Doll. 

Lisa Doll is enjoying the evening so much. She had a long day and getting together with friends is always a nice way to take lift your spirit!

Frann Doll said she was just so glad that the election was about to be over so people could turn their focus to other things again!

Leanne Doll could care less about politics... So she was glad to find a place to go for evening where it wouldn't be all she heard about. Plus, there's banana splits!

Josh Doll and Heather Doll might have checked their phones once or twice but they didn't say anything political all night... (Well, at least not out loud... Texting is quiet.... haha!) 

Tam Doll and Bill Doll were just glad to have a nice night out together... They voted but were in favor of 3rd Party candidates and therefore knew they didn't have a whole lot of hope to win anyway. Why not enjoy the evening and find out results in the morning!

Hi Alycia Doll!

Hi Jen Doll and Lilly Doll!!

Jason, Vito and Alycia are having a conversation about The Walking Dead.... That also seems to be a very big topic in our country!

Jen is restocking some desserts and Lilly is asking Crystal about her Latin studies...

Always want to keep the stock fresh and restocked! Jen loves her Sweet Shoppe and has very high standards! No wonder it's such a lovely place!

Lilly is fascinated about Latin because she knows so many words are derived from it... Crystal is glad to have someone to discuss it with because it helps her learn it herself. 

"Can I get you anything while I am up?" Bill is so kind!

As usual, Josh and Heather just really like to get to hang out together and chat. 

Everyone stayed until Jen closed up at 11:00PM. The results weren't in just yet then but as each of the dolls got home and read the news about it, they were pretty sure which candidate had one.... And each doll was either delighted or less than thrilled about the outcome but at least they'd had a nice evening with their friends without worrying about it the whole time. What a great idea!

God Bless America!!
Till Next Time!

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