Friday, November 18, 2016

My Life As Doll A Day In The Life 18Inch Doll Clothes Sets from Walmart!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!! 

That's right folks! Today is my birthday... Look at what I got for myself with some birthday money! (I always get it early so I can get my actual gift by my birthday...) These cute sets went on sale for less than $15.00 each about a week ago at Walmart and since I had Birthday money burning a hole in my pocket, I ordered four! In hindsight I am sort of regretting not buying two more because they are super cute espcially condidering the price!!

The boxes are kind of huge... I think it's because they are a special item that will only be around for Christmas and toy producers know that the bigger the box, the bigger the gift and that's always exciting for kids... A big mystery box under the tree!! So well done on that score.

Here are some of the girls modeling the daytime ensembles. They are each just adorable!! I tried to pick a favorite but they are all each so unique and cute that it's hard... I suppose the owl outfit, the horse outfit (red sweater) and the plaid skirt with the animal print vest are my top three. Which do you like best?

These are the PJs. So. Totally. Cute!! I love most of them have sleeping masks and slippers. 

Here are the dressy outfits by themselves...

And the more casual outfits....

Then each set grouping as well... Here is the animal print one... So chick!

The Panda one...

The horse one...

and the Owl one...

They were each packaged with the little plastic fasteners to the cardboard backings that came in the boxes. Pretty easy to get out, just flip over and cut the backside of the fastener! I always do it that way because then there is no risk of accidentally cutting the clothes! 

As for quality...? I have to say I think they did a pretty good job. The shoes seem a bit more cheaply produced than standard MLA shoes (the black flats are cute but very flimsy feeling) but given that $20 is the regular price point, not a bad deal for what you're paying! I think they'd be fine doll clothes for a child who loves to play dolls certainly and any one of the sets would be a wonderful companion gift for a doll! 

It appears I only remembered to photograph the back of two of the boxes... This is what they look like. 

But it looks like it's simply the stock photos that are also on the My Life As Doll Website of the clothes so you can conjecture what the two missing ones looked like in case I forget to get them taken and uploaded later (I still have the boxes and can take the extra photos, it's just remembering to and then remembering to update the blog.. So just in case I forget!)

This is one of the two that I forgot to photo back of box.

And the last one...

Well, that's it for now Doll Friends!! I have had a great Birthday already and it's not even 7AM. 
God is good. 


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