Thursday, November 3, 2016

Latest Thrifty Store Finds for Doll House!

Hi Doll Friends!

Thrift stores are often the best sources for doll sized items... You just have to look around with an open mind and "doll eyes". 

For instance, these baby shower party favors became 'Ring Pops' in my Halloween candy after I wrapped them in two packs. 

These were a steal! I love that Thrift Stores have gotten clever and hold back all their Halloween stuff for the right season. This set of six doll sized goody bags was only 99cents!

See? A steal!

This train is actually a Christmas ornament but it is so going in the doll toy box after it goes under the Christmas tree this year! So cute!!

These tools and books and scissors are actually the tiniest bit too small for the dolls... But really, I have 'mini books' myself and so I bought them anyway. The books will be 'mini books' for the dolls. The scissors, again, often you get sewing kits with tiny scissors so they can be those for the dollies...

The pumpkin erasers became doll sized cookies for my Halloween Party and the card sets are totally getting wrapped for the dolls under the Christmas tree this year or maybe going into stockings... So cute! They'll be great for game nite!

This made me giggle as I picked it up! Josh doll loves guns and it'll be perfect for him!!So... Keep your eyes open at thrift stores! You never know what you'll find that is perfect for your dolls!!

Till next time!

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