Sunday, April 30, 2017

Twin Engel Puppe Doll Boys Makeovers! Meet Aubrey and Adam!

Hi Doll Friends,

As I've mentioned in my most recent blog post I am trying to either purge some of my dolls that never get played with or make them over into dolls I love more which will make me play with them more. If that makes sense. So... One of my dolls that never got played with much at all was this Engel Puppen doll I'd given a body transplant to but never really liked the face sculpt of for a girl because she just looked a bit... Um... Stern? In any case I also didn't like her wig because it was such a 1980s hair cut. Can you say mullett? Yikes. So she just sat and collected dust because something about her made me hang on to her. 

Despite having given her a body transplant, I also didn't like the Springfield body I'd given her because they are just not as 'heavy' as Our Generation bodies. So... I took one of my never played with Our Gens and did a second body swap... Then, I pulled off the wig and started trying on and when I put on this light blonde boy wig, I knew why I hadn't liked her as a girl all along. Because she has a boy face!! I don't know how I missed it before but she has the exact same face sculpt as the boy doll that she came with. I also gave that boy doll a body swap with one of my lesser played with OG dolls and now I love them to bits. Aren't they cute!?!? They are twins essentially other than the hair color. I am naming the newer, lighter blonde haired one, Aubrey after my real life brother. He doesn't have a twin but I think he looks a lot like my brother. So, the other boy will be named Adam, after my other brother. I had previously named one of my Tolly Tot dolls Adam but this won't be the first time one of my Doppelganger dolls has gotten an upgrade. Hahaha. Sometimes you just come along a doll that is more authentically like the real person and changes must be made. Right? 

Better run!
Have you customized any dolls? It's kind of addicting I am telling you. 

Till Next Time!

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