Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Dolly Sweet Shoppe Opens Back Open For Business!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

Since my Doll Room has a finite amount of space, I can only have three or four doll rooms set up at a time... So I haven't had room to set up The Sweet Shoppe for a few months because I had the living room or bedroom one or bedroom twoor kitchen or bathroom or fashion show or yoga studio or karaoke room set up... You get the idea. I've wanted to set the Sweet Shoppe back up since I got the Queen's Treasures Cakes Set a few months ago on sale. I knew it would look so cute in the Shoppe!

So I decided to set up the Sweet Shoppe this past weekend as a place for a few of the dolls to gather after the Easter Egg Hunt. I also am half way through making a few other crafted sweets for it. I started them months ago and got them halfway done and then, needing to add a fixative to set the paint I'd painted them with, they got set aside for 'later' and never done. The fixative I wanted to use was in an spray can (like spray paint) and the winter months just weren't conducive to using the product. Now that it's finally Spring though, I plan to finally finish them. So that will be fun. I am also half way through making some doll sized candy bars from a craft I saw on American Girl Ideas and they are going to be so sweet in the shoppe! 

As you may notice, I didn't use all of the same furniture as I did the last time I set up the Sweet Shoppe... I didn't want to dismantle the kitchen because I use it all the time for doll scenes so instead I just set up the Sweet Shoppe with other furniture and props. I like how it turned out pretty well! I think I might paint that brown shelf white with pink trim at some point to make it match better...? We will see. So many doll projects, so little time!! You know what I mean? 

So here we have Sueretta (Adora doll in pink) and Pamela (LOTUS doll behind counter) and Lilly (AG in white dress) enjoying the Shoppe. Lilly is deciding what sweet she wants to try and Sueretta, having already enjoyed her sweet treat, is listening to some tunes on the juke box. 

Here are Frann (Lotus doll on left) and Heather (Madame Alexander on right) are enjoying a cuppa together. 

Looking forward to more photo shoots now that I have it set up again! I love how all the accessories make it look pretty real. How fun.

Better run for now!
Till Next Time!

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  1. Love it! That's a great idea to swap out the rooms. I just love your scenes. The dolls always look like they're having such fun!