Sunday, April 16, 2017

American Girl Custom Boy Doll Makeover

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

In December of 2015 I found and restored an AG Doll I got off eBay... It was a doll who'd had a haircut to make it into a boy doll... The cut that had been done was actually pretty ok, very 'Beach Bum'. However it also had a few streaks of color in the wig... Which, again, was very 'Beach Bum' looking. Since the wig wasn't in horrible shape, I had decided to just keep it as it was. However, I never ever picked up the doll after I made cleaned him up. I mean, I had him in the photos for the Boy Doll Collection but otherwise, he basically just sat and collected dust. Poor fella. So last week after making over Felicity I decided to get bold and just change his wig. Don't laugh, but I kind of stole the wig off of another custom boy doll because I didn't want to make him this AG doll a blonde and that was the only color boy wig I had in my wig stash bag. So that other doll now looks a bit like Ponyboy Curtis from the Outsiders which is one of my favorite characters of all time so... I think that this boy will become Ashbee and that one will be re-named Ponyboy. Haha. You're never safe as a custom doll in my house! 

So here is the new and improved Ashbee!!

Doesn't he look so much more handsome with brown hair! I think he looks amazing! So you'll likely see much more of this doll in the doll house going forward!

Better run!

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