Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Movie Night at the Doll House!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

As you may have read in my last post about Mandy the My Life As Doll Party Planner coming home, we have a new member in the Doll House! Lilly Doll was so excited to have her second cousin in the house!! Mandy Doll is a doppelganger doll of my real cousin Mandy who is much younger than I am but favors me quite a bit. In case you haven't noticed, I generally try to name my dollies after people in my real life. It's a thing. Haha. Sadly, it's a thing that will, in all likelyhood, amount to me never weeding out my doll collection much at all. I mean, who can cast out a doll that is named after someone you love, right? Could it be by design? 

Imagine if you will.....
Husband: "Honey, you have too many dolls, you should really weed some out?"
Me: "But how can I get rid of so-and-so! We love them!" 
Husband: "Well when you put it that way, let's just buy a bigger house then."
Me: "That sounds good....! I'll start planning my new Doll Room!" 

KIDDING! All kidding aside, my husband is super supportive of my doll obsession hobby. When he can tell I've had way too much of the real world, he encourages me to go 'play dolls' because he knows it always relaxes me. He's a great guy and I am lucky to have him. I digress... Back to the Doll House story!!

So when Lilly found out that Mandy was coming home, she planned a relaxing movie night for her to meet some of the other girls in the Doll House and have a bit of fun. She bought the DVD of  Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and some soft drinks and popcorn...

Everyone was so excited to watch the movie! None of them had seen it before!

Here they are, settling in to watch the movie...

The crowd included: Back row: LaQuela (OG Blue Tshirt) Sueretta (Adora in pink sweater) Mandy (MLA in pink), Breanna (MLA in blue), Frann (LOTUS in purple) Front Row: Heather (MA in light purple), Lilly (AG in blue) and Noel-Samantha (MLA in denim)

They were all riveted by the movie... Breanna said she couldn't stay for whole thing and wasn't even planning on sitting down because she was supposed to go somewhere a half an hour or so into the movie. See her there standing behind Frann?

Everyone teased her that she'd be sitting down and canceling her plans after she started watching...

The popcorn was delish!!

They even had the cookie jar out!

The soda pop plentiful!

By the way, how do you like the doll's ensembles? Mandy Doll, upon arrival, was eager to get out of the same party dress she'd been wearing in the box forever... So she and several other dolls raided the closet and came up with cute, comfie ensembles to wear for the Movie Night! You may notice the boots Frann, Mandy and Heather are wearing? They may or may not be new... Stay tuned to an upcoming post about them!

Then finally Breanna decided they were right! She'd be silly to miss the end of the movie! She pulled up a chair, grabbed a box of popcorn and settled right in...

The funny thing about people watching movies? They don't move a whole lot...

Can make for some pretty repetative photos when it comes down to it...

But that didn't stop me from taking them anyway... Hahaha.

The scene on the screen changes though! See?

So I kept snapping away at different angles...

Because I know that when I look at other people's doll photos, I want to see all the little details and often you miss them if you don't get several different angles. Right?

The dolls all had so much fun!! They decided they need to make movie night a regular occurance in the Doll House! Maybe next time I'll try and figure out a larger screen for them!

Better run!
Till next time!!

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